The Ninth Hour: Philosophical Writings - Creator of Publishes Long-Awaited First Book

Philosopher and Artist Harrison Mujica-Jenkins, creator of the increasingly popular website has finally finished and published his long-awaited first book, a collection of “philosophical writings” that it is sure to delight his already large online readership.

Lafayette, LA, November 05, 2008 --( Mujica-Jenkins has written a thoughtful and carefully crafted collection of essays whose topics range from a study on kitsch and literary criticism to the crucifixion of Christ; all permeated by the unifying differentiation introduced by the conceptual framework of philosophers such as Jacques Derrida, Gilles Deleuze, Georges Bataille, and Friedrich Nietzsche.

“The ninth hour,” the author tells us, “is the noon hour, the hour in which the sun possesses us and we abandon ourselves to its burning, blinding flame to think with a light so bright. At noon we come out of Plato’s cave and stare into the sun: the unknown gazing into the unknown. These writings do not owe anything to the philosophical sun, the good sun of Plato that erases all differences, the good sun of enlightened reason that is oblivious to the knowledge of the ‘madman.’ They are writings born beyond the sun, on the ‘rotten’ side of the sun, unprotected by the shadow of logic; writings come out of darkness, of the spiritual umbra of he who stares directly at the sun. And, more specifically, writings begotten out of the spiritual nigrescence of whom writes at the ninth hour, at high noon.”

In a total of sixteen essays with an introduction, spanning 364 pages, Mujica-Jenkins disarms the hitherto firmly rooted metaphor of solar light that pervade philosophical discourse to reveal the destructive forces that work to present the illusion of the autonomy of intelligence and the purity of truth.

A collection of “essays” written in the period of several years are at last available for the enjoyment of all philosophers (and philosophy enthusiasts) in a beautiful book designed by the author himself. A must-have jewel of differential thinking.

Published through, The Ninth Hour: Philosophical Writings is available at as well as

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Harrison Mujica-Jenkins Harrison Mujica-Jenkins is an independent scholar and received his Licentiateship in Philosophy from the Universidad Central de Venezuela.
Harrison Mujica-Jenkins
(318) 402-7559