New Book Aimed at Helping Recent College Graduates Stand Out and Succeed

New book aimed at helping recent college graduates fit into the corporate culture, build a favorable reputation, leverage contacts and improve their image. This book offers 100 tips, techniques and strategies that anyone can use. "Why Didn't Somebody Tell Me This Stuff?" is now available at and

Maywood, NJ, November 06, 2008 --( Not since the Great Depression have we seen such difficult economic conditions. This past year households have lost more than $2.7 trillion due to falling stock prices and home values. With nearly 9.4 million people unemployed and Wall Street titans collapsing on what seems to be a daily basis, one’s job has suddenly become their most valuable asset. Moreover, it appears that for the foreseeable future many companies will continue to terminate employees in order to reduce costs.

For those of us lucky enough to have a job, the need to suddenly perform and produce has never been greater. This is especially true for younger less experienced workers who are often most susceptible to termination. Unfortunately, these younger less experienced workers are also the most uninformed and inexperienced in knowing how to truly stand out in their corporate roles. These individuals often fail to recognize and utilize the many necessities of the corporate world such as building a favorable reputation for themselves, creating real value for the organization, developing political capital and expanding their network of contacts.

Christopher J. Andrews, a veteran officer in the corporate banking industry, has spent a large portion of his time on training and developing many young professionals on these very issues. In fact, throughout his 17 year career he has compiled a comprehensive list of tips, suggestions and strategies designed to help young professionals find true success in their careers. This list formed the foundation of his recently released book, “Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me This Stuff?” which is available now at and

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