Winners of the 2008 Gotham Screen Film Festival Screenplay Contest Announced

The winning films and screenplays were announced on the closing day of the 2008 Gotham Screen Film Festival, Sunday, Nov 2, 2008, after 4 days of screenings with 31 films from 14 different countries.

New York, NY, November 06, 2008 --( Winners 2008:

Best Screenplay - Grand Prize Winner:

The Virgin of Poughkeepsie, by Eva Eva Konstantopoulos
“A high school senior presides over an internet bidding war for the sale of her virginity while a young reporter sent to cover the fiasco finds the small town girl is more than what she seems”.

Best Comedy - The Method, by Beth Overmyer

Best Drama- Lone Scout, by Alan O'Connor

Best Adventure - The Legend of Jean Lafitte, by C. Robert Holloway

Best Children's/Family - The Magical Kingdom of The Magical Kingdom of Naga as Envisioned by the Princess Lena, by Tanya Klein

Best Horror - Buzz, by Mark Cerulli

Best Thriller - American Gothic, by Melissa Bruning

Finalists 2008

Rent-A-Zombie, by Michael Kenneth Jackson
Gary, Son of God, by Kirk Davis
The Mechanic, by Michael Hayes
Bury the Past, by Michael Hayes
The Infernal Casino, by Nicholas Gagliardo
Best Wishes, Nice Knowing You, by Jami Bonyun
Roman Nights, by Franco D'Alessandro
Buried on Page 8, by Jennifer Harrison
Child in the Dark, by Ian Ogden
Unexpected Quarter, by Martin McCann
Superstitions, by Douglas Raine
Teen Messiah, by Hamilton Mitchell
A More Perfect Union, by Ramesh Santanam

Semi-Finalists 2008

I'll Die Tomorrow, by John J. Maffucci
Unsigned: The Feature, by Christopher Wasmer
Two Clerks From San Francisco, by William Goins
Noble Acts, by Joseph Sharp
Chambers of the Heart, by Ronald Ecker
The Ace of Aces, by Geoffrey Breuder
Strays, by Carlos Perez
White Niggers in the Woodpile, by Paul Van Zyl
Choices, by James Kirtland
The McKnight Corporation, by Deirdre O'Connor
Kelly'sBar, by Michele Hogan
Folk City, by Gordon Rayfield
The Lodger, by June Escalante
Dog Days, by Alex Dmitriev
Slapping Leather, by Patterson Keller JR
Nothing in Common?, by Philipp Senn
Swimming Drunk at Night, by Jennifer Houlton
I.D., by Noelle Messier
Foreign Exchange, by Paki Wright
The Suspect Assassin, by Sultan Stover

Congratulations to all the winners, finalists and semi-finalists.

Next Festival Dates: October/November, 2009

Location: Tribeca Cinemas, 54 Varick Street (at Laight), New York, NY 10013

For all inquiries and more information on the festival and contest, please go to the website at

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