Irish Hard Rockers Deemed Psychotic Finishing '2nd Take'

Irish hard rock band Deemed Psychotic return to the studio to finish '2nd Take' and release nine new songs for free at

Bantry, Ireland, November 06, 2008 --( Deemed Psychotic, the Irish hard rock band signed to the digital label Dark World International, are back in the studio finishing tracks for their second release, '2nd Take'. Scheduled for release in 2009, '2nd Take' explores a new sound and maturity for Deemed Psychotic. To introduce fans to their new sound Deemed Psychotic has posted nine complete tracks for download at

Heralding back to the days of the 70s super bands of rock (Heart, Ted Nugent, Led Zeppelin), '2nd Take' has moved Deemed Psychotic to a richer analogue sound from their early punk beginnings. "Deemed brought in songs that were much more serious and progressive than what they had on 'The 1st'," according to producer and Dark World International President, Kristi Ameringer. "The material demanded a more mature and fuller sound. Deemed Psychotic's been playing like mad; their live show includes a selection of 36 cover songs for them to choose from. A band working that hard is bound to mature in sound or stagnate completely. Deemed Psychotic matured."

Nine complete songs from their studio sessions are available DRM free on Deemed Psychotic's profile page at for a limited time. "We wanted to get the new sound out to our fans," according to band leader and lyricist Kylyra. Deemed Psychotic's new sound on '2nd Take' includes the addition of a Deep Purple-esque organ to their rhythm section and more serious lyrical content than their first release. The political and social issues apparent in 'Big Shot Says', 'Monsters', and 'Blind Faith' are clear but Kylyra claims, "It's not all dark and gloomy. There are a few lyrically lighter songs on '2nd Take', including 'Smile on Delivery' and 'The Lighter Side of Life', both of which we wrote in the studio."

Returning to the studio, Irish hard rock band Deemed Psychotic is finishing tracks for their second release, '2nd Take', due out in 2009. Deemed Psychotic have released nine DRM free songs from their current studio sessions for fans to enjoy. Visit for more information.

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