American Deer & Wildlife Alliance Announces Youth Camp Program

Austin, TX, November 06, 2008 --( The American Deer & Wildlife Alliance’s (ADWA) conservation messages–currently on television–address a range of applicable topics to today’s sportsman. By supporting youth hunting and fishing camps, and their efforts to further unite sportsmen, agriculture and communities, ADWA can further support those who provide our nation’s youth with the education necessary to positively impact wildlife.

“It didn’t take much to get ADWA members involved; the enthusiasm we received from members was overwhelming,” says ADWA director of operations Annie Jones. “The camps we have partnered with: Beyond the Backyard, Ted Nugent’s Kamp for Kids, United Sportsmen’s Youth Foundation and Ray Howell’s Kicking Bear, do an amazing job working with youth and creating opportunities for future generations.”

ADWA is putting together 100 kits to donate between the selected camps. Kits will include, but are not limited to: ADWA Spikes magazine, Henry Repeating Arms patches, Hunting Illustrated magazines, antler mounting kits from Mountain Mike’s Reproductions, United Sportsmen’s Journals, USYF flyers and hunting license holders, American Trapshooting Association Frisbees and youth program information, Otis Technology DVD’s and bore reflectors, brochures from DeerAge, Game Tamers brochures, Game Sled brochures from Hunting’s-a-Drag, Moultrie decals and catalogs, Muzzy decals, key chains and hat pins, Taylor Brand’s hats, shirts and Old Timer knives, Traveling Sportsman magazine, waterproof journals from Rite in the Rain, MIL-TAC brochures and ADWA stickers.

Mike Bartholdy of Mountain Mike’s Reproduction fame adds: “We support the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance in their efforts to create partnerships with the people that work with our kids day in and day out. Those of us that hunt know that our love for the sport goes hand-in-hand with conservation, but we take for granted that future generations will know that.”

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Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of the deer and wildlife industry, and to help educate consumers and the youth on the conservation issues that affect deer and wildlife as well as the industry. For more information on the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance, call 512.331.8607 or visit

American Deer & Wildlife Alliance
Annie Jones, Director of Operations