CAVE Automated Virtual Environments are Supported by the Vizard Virtual Reality Toolkit from WorldViz

Vizard VR authoring toolkit synchronizes up to 32 rendering CPUs via network cluster.

Santa Barbara, CA, November 06, 2008 --( Adapting 3D simulations to CAVE rendering clusters takes minutes instead of months with the VizSim industry’s favored 3D interactive content creation toolkit Vizard from WorldViz.

“With the rapidly increasing demand for high-fidelity 3D visual simulations comes the need for render solutions supporting multiple viewports controlled by CPU clusters”, explains Peter Schlueer, President of WorldViz. “The advantage of Vizard's cluster tool is that the entirety of a simulation is synchronized automatically – and we mean everything from the low-level gen-locking of the networked machines to maintaining a dynamic scenegraph including content as complex as real-time human mocapped avatars. Conventional simulations can be converted to cluster deployments in a matter of minutes, an exercise we routinely demonstrate at tradeshows and webinars.”

With Vizard and its cluster rendering capabilities, VizSim professionals have a powerful 3D prototyping tool at their fingertips, supporting any visual display system from simple 3D screens to stereo head-mounted displays, power walls, 3D projectors, and six-sided CAVEs. Vizard also natively supports most real-time motion tracking systems, data gloves, haptic devices and 3D sound systems. Your existing CAD data libraries can now be easily imported into Vizard and optimized for real-time use at the same time.

CAVE Automated Virtual Environments are immersive virtual reality environments where projectors are directed to three, four, five or six of the walls of a room-sized cube. Users can interact with virtual objects in real-time. The technology is used for applications such as automotive design prototyping, factory layout simulation, geophysical data exploration, molecular modeling, as well as research and education.

Availability and Pricing
Vizard’s Enterprise Edition comes with all new cluster tools, including a high-level module for handling a multi-wall CAVE setup. Single commercial licenses are available at $US 7,995, academic pricing starts at $US 5,199.

About WorldViz
WorldViz is an industry leader in 3D interactive immersive turnkey simulations with top industry and government clients such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, Nissan and Disney. The company’s custom VR solutions include programming, graphics design, real-time optical tracking, hardware, full system integration, onsite installation, expert training and premium support. The company’s flagship products are Vizard, the VR communities’ favored interactive 3D content creation software, and the PPT product line, the
most cost effective wide‐area motion tracking systems currently available.

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