Pages of Parenting Blazes Trail with Pioneering New Web Technology

Arkansas-based online bookstore Pages of Parenting has created a new website with the pioneering VisualCart ecommerce solution.

Fayetteville, AR, November 06, 2008 --( Pages of Parenting has been supplying books to Arkansas schools for eleven years, has been online for seven years, and the Pages of Parenting Resource Center and bookstore has been open on Sunbridge in Fayetteville for most of this year, but owner Marti Genge prides herself on keeping up to date.

Genge’s newest venture is updating her website to VisualCart. VisualCart is a new form of online shopping system, and Pages of Parenting is one of the first in the area to use it. Local web design firm Sharp Hue, Inc developed the system, which replaces the familiar clicking back and forth that we all know from online shopping with a virtual shopping cart that remains visible throughout the shopping experience, as your physical shopping cart at your local grocery store does.

“I know it’s better,” says Genge, “but the first customer to use the new system emailed me in confusion because it looked so different from my old website.”

The previous Pages of Parenting website used an old-style online catalog. A customer searched for a book, went to a page for the book, clicked to put it in the cart, returned to shopping, made another search, clicked on that page, and so on, periodically clicking back to the cart to refresh her memory of what she had already chosen. “It was frustrating and slow,” laughs Genge, “but people got used to it. VisualCart is better, and I’m excited to be one of the first to have it. I think I’ll do trainings at the schools.”

The new website was designed by Ashley Cox and Shan Pesaru of Sharp Hue, Inc. and written by Rebecca Haden. Haden agrees that the new form of online shopping feels different. “The world has changed a lot since people started shopping online,” she observes. “The early e-commerce systems just tried to replicate the experience of mail order shopping. New technologies always start out by building on the previous technology, as email built on writing physical letters. Now, the discourse rules of email and IM have evolved into something quite different from written letters. VisualCart is like that. Marti’s new website is much easier to navigate, and has a much cleaner feel.”

With 132 million online shoppers in the United States, and 19% of internet users shopping online at least once a week, brick and mortar stores are relying more and more on the internet. This decade has seen the rise of the “click and mortar” store, as the industry describes stores with both a physical and an online presence.

Pages of Parenting’s sales have always been primarily direct to schools. “Teachers liked to be able to look up a book and to browse online, but they’re used to me coming by with my van full of books.”

The provisions of the No Child Left Behind law require schools to have parenting resources, and Pages of Parenting continues to be the primary resource for these materials in Arkansas. “Still,” says Genge, “as I see modern parents struggling with parenting in the face of modern stresses, and often far from their own parents and extended family, I want to reach parents more directly, too.”

Genge recently completed training as a licensed Parenting Coach. “The Resource Center, the new website designed to appeal to the new generation of tech-savvy shoppers – these are more ways for me to reach the people who need my support.”

Next on Genge’s list of ventures: a video blog of parenting tips. “I think it’s the coming thing!”

Visit Pages of Parenting’s new website at

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