Xero Online Accounting System Delivers the Goods for Small Business and Their Accountants

Five ways that online accounting software is making life better for small businesses and their accountants.

London, CA, November 07, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Online accounting is not yet mainstream, but it soon will be if the experiences of accountants and small business clients using Xero web-based accounting system are anything to go by.

Xero Founder and UK MD Hamish Edwards says the state of the books is often "challenging" when it comes to small business. "Many small business owners just don't have the time to do a proper job. And that leaves their accountants with no shortage of loose ends when they come to prepare the accounts."

Such problems are increasingly avoidable thanks to Xero. The web-based accounting system is becoming so popular with accountants that a new Accountants Edition of the web-based accounting software has now been released specifically for accountants and their small business clients.

Here are five ways switching to Xero online accounting is making life easier for accountants and their clients:

1. Xero looks great and is quick and easy for business owners to use. Tasks like bank reconciliations are straightforward and less prone to error. The accounts arrive in much better shape.

2. Business owners can do as much as they can, and safely pass the job on to a bookkeeper or an accountant. Because all the information is stored online there's no hassle with transferring data or finding missing bank statements. Everyone just logs on to Xero.

3. Accountants can log on to Xero anytime and see how their client's business is performing in real time, not just when everything's done and dusted.

4. Business owners get a good overview of their business performance, including the all-important cash position, via the dashboard. Accountants say clients are better informed because Xero makes the information easy to access, and easy to understand.

5. Overall Xero's online accounting system is enabling a much higher value relationship between accountant and business owner. Increasingly accountants can spend less time number crunching and more time offering valuable business advice.

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