Major Religions of the World Announces Free Online Information

Denver, NY, November 08, 2008 --( announces a vast quantum of free information related to world religions to compliment their new book titled- ‘Major Religions of the World… Revisited.’ The free information mulls over the common questions that assail each follower of religion today and seeks to put to rest the quest for truth not only for the devout but also the crusader for knowledge who is saved the pain of sifting through piles of books to arrive at the base truth about religion.

Robert Fawcett, the author whose religious writings are the outcome of his inherent curiosity about the Anglican Communion has been writing about religion since the last ten years. His initial writings were in the form of a short and succinct essay that would satiate an enduring curiosity about the where, whither, wherefore of the world’s most followed religions. He was later encouraged to turn this study on the major religions into a book so as to present answers to others who had the same questions, thoughts, confusions about religion, too.

The Second Edition of the book, Major Religions Of The World...Revisited includes 3 Free Special Reports - The Creation of the Bible, Is there a case for the Resurrection of Jesus and The case for the existence of God, without a Bible or any Holy book. On purchase of any of the three Special Reports the other two can be availed of for free except for a minimum shipping charge.

Emphasizing on the benefits of the comparative study provided by his book on world religions, Robert Fawcett, author and promoter of Major Religions of the World says, “I have heard that there are some one million scholarly works on the subject of comparative religion, so I am not writing to add to the academic conversation – I am merely writing to satisfy my own personal desire to find truth.”

Robert Fawcett is a businessman turned author. After writing essays and papers on the subject of religion, he was encouraged to turn this study on the major religions into this book. The recent release is not intended to add the million scholarly books on the subject of comparative religion, instead it serves to give a peek into the mind of this rancher turned Businessman turned religious author who is willing to take readers on an inner journey on a path oft traveled by each one of us at some time or the other.


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