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Marietta, OH, November 08, 2008 --( The books of Phillip A. Ross are now available at Sugden Book Store in Marietta, Borders Books in Parkersburg,, your favorite bookstore or Ross has been writing for fifteen years and has six books in print.

In 1983 Ross had an experience that culminated in 1985 in what he calls regeneration. Ordained at First Congregational Church, Berkeley, California, after earning a Master of Divinity degree at Pacific School of Religion, Ross was confronted by the reality of the Bible as he taught the Bethel Series Bible Study Program at a church he was serving in St. Louis, Missouri.

“I had read and studied the Bible for many years, but the Bethel Series opened it up to me in a new way. It became real, and it changed me,” Ross said.

Ross began preaching differently ever since, as if the Bible was real history about real people. His preaching disturbed people in various liberal churches that he served. So, he preserved his preaching for later evaluation in a two-volume book, The Work at Zion—A Reckoning (1996, Vol 1, ISBN: 0-7880-9697-5, Vol 2, ISBN: 0-7880-9914-1), which provides a kind of record of his changing theological perspective.

At the same time, the simple-minded, wishful-thinking of many of his new conservative friends disturbed him. It seemed to Ross that people from both ends of the political spectrum had misunderstood the Bible, albeit in different ways. So, he set out to see if the kind of biblical misunderstanding that he observed among various people today was new. He discovered that it was not.

Ross turned to the book of James which provided a corrective to the early church because already in the First Century the church had veered from the truth of the gospel. Ross brought that corrective to light in his book, Practically Christian—Applying James Today (2001, 2006, ISBN: 978-0-6151-7667-3).

Looking for the original source of the problem of biblical misunderstanding, Ross began studying the story of Jesus’ ministry. Sure enough, almost everyone had misunderstood Jesus during his earthly ministry, which he documented in his book, Marking God’s Word—Understanding Jesus (2002, 2006, ISBN: 978-0-6151-7603-1).

He picked up the continuing story of the gospel in the Book of Acts only to find that people misunderstood Paul in the same ways that they had misunderstood Jesus—until the dispensation of the Holy Spirit. That story is found in his book, Acts of Faith—Kingdom Advancement (2006, ISBN: 978-0-6151-7604-8).

Seeking some practical advice about the right way to think about God and to live as a Christian, Ross then turned to a study of the Book of Proverbs. The difficulty for many Christians is that Proverbs predates the ministry of Jesus. But it does not predate the reality of Christ. Historic theology teaches that the Christian faith is founded on the eternal consistency of God. God does not change, nor does God's wisdom. So he looked for Christ in Proverbs and titled this book, The Wisdom of Jesus Christ in the Book of Proverbs (2006, ISBN: 978-0-6151-7215-6).

Earlier this year Ross founded and registered Pilgrim Platform Books with Bowker, to provide publishing services.

Phillip A. Ross has pastored churches in Berkeley, California; St. Louis, Missouri, Evansville, Indiana; Bellefonte, Pennsylvania; and Marietta, Ohio. He has degrees from Pacific School of Religion, the University of Colorado, and has various certificates of continuing pastoral training. Following his post-ordination conversion to biblical Christianity, he has labored for Gospel renewal through radio, music, counseling, and writing. He lives with his wife, Stephanie, in Marietta and has three sons in college. Ross is also the owner of PARoss Services ( in Marietta, which provides various promotional and professional services, and is the organizing elder of the Mid-Ohio Valley Reformed Fellowship (

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