Stem Cell Therapy Available in Tulsa Private Veterinary Practice

Stem cell therapy has been adopted by Southwest Veterinary Hospital, Inc. This new technology allows a pet's own fat cells to be used to spur healing of injuries and chronic, painful conditions.

Tulsa, OK, November 08, 2008 --( Southwest Veterinary Hospital, Inc has included stem cell therapy as a means to treat injured and arthritic patients. This technology was made available to small animal veterinarians in February of 2008. In July of the same year, Dr. Keith A. Bailey became credentialed in the use of this new regenerative therapy.

“This is an exciting time for veterinarians. The new techniques and new technologies allow us to provide more options for our clients who have injured and older pets,” says Dr. Bailey. “Our ability to provide great patient care is always improving.”

Degenerative conditions, such as hip dysplasia, were once considered manageable but not reversible. It was a matter of time before the pain of the condition and the limited quality of life forced people to make hard decisions about their companions.

Using stem cells to treat ligament, tendon and arthritic conditions stimulates healthy cells to grow within the compromised area and spur regeneration. The cells are not foreign to the pet, as they are taken from the pet’s own tissue. This technology avoids both the problems of rejection and the ethical concerns that many people consider when discussing stem cell therapy.

With this new technique, patients can have lasting relief in as little as three months. The entire process takes less than a week and is an outpatient procedure. For more information on stem cells, visit

Southwest Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
Dr. Keith Bailey