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Beware of Internet Marketing Scams. International Authoring Team Writes Ebook, A Marketing Feast, to Beat the Scams with Common Sense through - Food

Cooking Up Customers – A Marketing Feast ebook from ClydeSight Productions helps people achieve marketing success by teaching the basics of customer targeted marketing strategy, an alternative to the useless packages, ridiculous schemes, and empty promises of instant wealth and fame.

Malden, MA, June 01, 2006 --( People want easy Internet marketing success and the Internet is loaded with scams and come-ons filled with empty promises of instant fame and fortune. This hits the start up business and entrepreneur hard because they can ill afford to waste their marketing budget. And some scams are dangerous, phishing for personal information to get their "secrets".

Tim Thompson (U.S.) and Cathrine Garnell (U.K.), authors of A Marketing Feast, the first ebook in their Cooking Up Customers series, know these dangers and wrote the book to help readers see through the scams by giving them the proven foundation of marketing success. It teaches customer targeted marketing strategy and that marketing takes careful thought, strategy and time. Readers, now armed with knowledge, can see through the scams and stay clear while sensibly using Internet marketing methods to attract paying customers.

As Garnell explains: "You can't put the cart before the horse. Many scams offer useless marketing methods if you haven't already got a sensible marketing strategy. Some sell keyword generators that are a re-hash of the free ones already available. The hook is that keywords are important. Such scams encourage bad keyword use, that many general keywords are better than a few targeted ones. If you are a musician, the keyword "music" applies but isn't targeted. People buy music by genre. An understanding of customer targeted marketing helps determine the targeted keywords."

Adds Thompson: "This is really important in Pay-Per-Click. Using the wrong keywords here will run up costs without delivering a targeted customer. Most scams don't tell you that. But it's what we focus on in our book. It's better to get a few buying customers than many who don't buy!"

Knowing that the marketing pill can be a tough swallow, the authors made their book a quick read and appealing by using a unique metaphor, the meal concept, to teach the reader customer targeted marketing. Chapters focus on specific marketing topics and provide recipes for implementing the topics. They contain real food recipes to illustrate through the food experience how the topics apply. This makes learning customer targeted marketing an easy and enjoyable experience. Instead of pie charts, the book teaches how to make pie!

It provides plenty of warning and calls for common sense, to steer clear of impossible promises. The authors are especially concerned with "guaranteed results". Says Thompson:

"An author contacted us for a link with her e-book. We checked her Web site and found no links page. We asked about that. The author explained that she had bought a package for "guaranteed success at writing and publishing an e-book". It told her she had to have links, but not reciprocal ones. It did not teach proper Internet marketing, and her book had no sales. She couldn't understand it. She had been led to believe the marketing was automatic and that sales were guaranteed if she used the package. This is what so many people miss in these scams. No one can guarantee customers or sales. To get those, you need to know and have a strategic marketing plan, which these packages simply do not teach you how to create."

Cooking Up Customers – A Marketing Feast beats the scams with an innovative approach to learning customer targeted marketing that is taught in marketing schools. It makes it interesting and even fun to learn, easy to remember and put into practice. This is the best defense against tempting scams with impossible promises of success.

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