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SDJB Explains Jewelry Appraising & Appraisals for San Diego Jewelry Sellers

San Diego Jewelry Buyers has published a helpful guide on jewelry appraising and appraisers for consumers seeking to sell their pre-owned (second-hand) fine gold and diamond jewelry.

San Diego, CA, November 09, 2008 --( San Diego Jewelry Buyers has announced the online publication of a Q & A session aimed at helping consumers sell their fine jewelry with greater confidence. In recent months, California shoppers have increasingly been seeking opportunities to sell their pre-owned gold and diamond jewelry. This heightened interest in the second-hand jewelry market has led to confusion surrounding the practice of jewelry appraising and appraisals. It also has put a spotlight on the unscrupulous practice of jewelry appraisers attaching inflated values to fine jewelry, as reported by news programs such as ABC’s San Francisco consumer watchdog “7 on Your Side.”

“We often have customers coming into our downtown store asking about whether or not they should appraise their jewelry and how to understand the values on the appraisal certificates they already have,” says Alan Blyler, San Diego Jewelry Buyers’ spokesperson. “We now encourage people with concerns about selling their gold and diamond jewelry to visit our website and read the Q & A of common questions and answers surrounding jewelry appraising, appraisals, and appraisers. This article should clear up a lot of the misconceptions and confusion that sellers might have, and help them make a more informed decision when selling their jewelry.”

According to the Q & A posted at, jewelry appraisals are often a waste of money for consumers seeking to sell mass market fine jewelry that retails for under $1500. The explanation for this is that second-hand jewelry buyers, on average, pay only 10%-30% of the retail value for this kind of jewelry. Therefore, the $50 (or more) that a customer might spend on having this jewelry appraised will take a big cut from the $100-$300 they are likely to receive when selling the item.

To learn what kinds of jewelry should be appraised, under what circumstances, and how to pick the right jewelry appraiser—as well as other articles related to the selling and buying of fine jewelry, gold, and diamonds—please visit San Diego Jewelry Buyers regularly updated archive of Knowledge articles at

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