SharePoint Form Validation, Enhancement to Form Validation

SharePoint Form Validation provides “Required, Compared, Regular Expression and Range” validation methods to validate columns in a form.

Beijing, China, November 09, 2008 --( SharePoint Form Validation is a SharePoint Feature Enhancement Tool designed for SharePoint list column validation. It is easy to use and can be used on almost all kinds of SharePoint lists.

“SharePoint itself can do some simple validations such as ‘Required Field’ on server side when users submit form. However, it cannot meet users’ various needs of complicated validations on client side. For instance, administrator may need some column value inputted as specific regular expression and a warning displays if unmatched content inputted, or he may need some column value larger/smaller than another column. These demands are quite beyond default SharePoint validation feature, while SharePoint Form Validation can achieve these above quite easily with more powerful functions provided and all validations verified on client side”, said Henry Zhang, the CTO of Brandysoft.

“As a manager, I use SharePoint Form Validation to restrict task lists input frequently. It assures the inputted contents of list columns are legit and usable. According to 4 standard validation methods, it can fulfill my complex needs. So it makes our work more efficient”, one user commented.

SharePoint Form Validation greatly enhances SharePoint default validation function, and it is a powerful assistance to SharePoint users.

Jack Ma