Inhousepress Presents Second Edition of a Novel, One Just Man, by Stan I.S. Law [Prequel to Elohim - Masters and Minions]

When the greatest gift becomes a scourgeā€¦ Against the background of geopolitical upheavals, Dr. Peter Thornton's promising career in medicine is cut short by an enigmatic gift of healing. He rebels against his destiny, until a will greater than his own takes over. Unwittingly, he learns how to overcome death itself. Action takes place in Canada, Poland and the Vatican. The novel is as much a page-turner as it is a study of Human Potential.

Montreal, Canada, November 09, 2008 --( One Just Man (Second Edition, visionary fiction, ISBN 978-0-9731184-4-5) is a Prequel to Elohim - Masters and Minions. It is now available from all major online distributors, including Amazon,, Barns and Noble, Froogle, BookSense, AurthorDen, and others, including directly from Inhousepress.

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As always, Stan Law delights in the exploration of the human, seemingly unlimited, potential. The hero of this novel takes us on a wild ride from Montreal in Canada over to Europe, from Gdansk in northern Poland to the ancient walls of Vatican City. Yet he finds real enchantment within the enigmatic realms, where most of us fear to tread. Excerpts from the book can be read at


The future never looked brighter.

The Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians under his belt, Dr. Peter Thornton's thoughts gravitate towards financial rewards, prestige, hosts of admiring nurses. Finally. After arduous years of exhausting work the good life is imminent.

Or so it seemed.

An insidious curse threatens to obliterate his promising future. A Gift of Healing chooses to manifest itself through Dr.Thornton's unwilling hands. Not healing resulting from years of studious application but through a power that contradicts everything the good doctor has ever learned. Yet the spurious Gift will not be denied. It gnaws at Dr.Thornton's mind, body, challenges his sanity.
An escape from reality, a winter of trial––days, nights of searing agony, a deliverance from the very threshold of death.... A spring of soul searching. Then––a gradual awakening. A physician divorced from medicine, a healer no longer healing, a reluctant prophet, an instrument of fate––unrelenting.

An English butler plays an enigmatic role in Peter's gradual return to life. In no small measure our stumbling hero recovers, thanks to the ministrations of the beautiful Cathy Mondellay who proves as sensuous as she is sagacious. Peter Thornton learns to bend with the wind, to navigate uncharted waters of human consciousness. There follows a turbulent tide of events on an international scale in which he seems little more than a hapless pawn. Yet a singular, transcendent pawn that is instrumental in bringing about, what some claim is the long awaited, inevitable Second Coming.

What some people say…

"I bought Mr. Law's book One Just Man and have just finished reading every single word. This book is a jewel... I own my own company called Exploring the Spirit . . . (and) would like to carry & sell a good number of Mr. Law's books." [Kathleen Y. Rattigan, Qc., Canada]

"I highly recommend having Stan Law read aloud. It boosts sales by creating a rapport with potential customers." [Mickey Smeele, Queen Bee Books, Port Alberni B.C.]

"As usual, you have provided a fascinating story, captivating characters, and profoundly gripping philosophical ideas. . . . I am fascinated by your development of the whole cosmology of consciousness." [Kate Jones, writer/editor, Pasadena, MD, USA]

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