Clean Tech Open, California Bestows Two Prestigious Awards on Power Assure

Power Assure was named a winner in the Smart Power Category and also won the Sustainability Award. The Clean Tech Open is considered the "Academy Awards of Clean Tech."

San Francisco, CA, November 08, 2008 --( On Thursday evening, November 6, more than 800 clean tech enthusiasts gathered at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco to hear about the newest clean technologies to be named "Winner" by Clean Tech Open, the "Academy Awards of Clean Tech," according to Channel 2 News.

These prestigious awards result from intense scrutiny of business and sustainability plans by experienced angel and venture investors, engineers, entrepreneurs, environmental experts, legal professionals, and professors. This year was the first ever sustainability award across the categories and Power Assure was the only 2008 winner at CTO in two major categories.

The Smart Power Category Award encourages links between information technologies and electricity delivery/use that give industrial, commercial and residential consumers greater control over when and how their energy is delivered and used. Power Assure's "Holistic Power Management" vision was recognized.

The Sustainability Award encourages a "holistic" approach to running the business, from the fundamental business practices including hiring practices, location and employee participation, technology, carbon footprint (cradle to cradle). Power Assure's focus on all aspects of sustainability was highlighted.

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About Power Assure:

Power Assure, Inc. provide on-demand smart power software for data centers. By linking data and controls across facilities and IT synchronously, its Holistic Power Management® platform is able to efficiently reducing power by up to eighty percent while improving service levels through automatic load shifting and load shedding.

PALabs, a division of Power Assure, provides data centers with independent verification of equipment power and performance ratings that are standardized across H/W vendors.

Power Assure is at the forefront of the green data center initiative. Power Assure works closely with customers, utilities and the government to minimize power usage of data centers and large server farms and to reduce associated green house gases.

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