HAPPYneuron, Inc. Announces Availability of Brain Fitness Games on Nintendo’s® Wii™

HAPPYneuron brain fitness games now available to subscribers through the Wii browser.

Mountain View, CA, November 12, 2008 --(PR.com)-- HAPPYneuron, Inc. (www.happy-neuron.com), a leading provider of scientifically designed and validated online brain fitness solutions, today announces the availability of five specially adapted HAPPYneuron brain fitness games on the Nintendo Wii browser for subscribing members.

Increasing scientific evidence shows that actively participating in appropriately designed brain cross-training workouts can slow the effects of aging on the brain at any age. HAPPYneuron games were developed by a team of neurologists, cognitive psychologists and educational scientists to specifically target the five major cognitive brain functions of memory, attention, language, executive functions and visual/spatial skills.

“HAPPYneuron is excited to continue our innovation and extend our brain fitness programs to the Wii platform, giving our members a new way to exercise their brain,” said Laura Fay, CEO of HAPPYneuron. “HAPPYneuron’s brain fitness games on the Wii are a great way to bring the whole family together for fun activities that can keep the brain fit at any age.”

Adapted to work with Wii controllers, the five games available to members include Towers of Hanoi, Secret Files, Split Words, Find Your Way and Catch the Ladybug. For more information on how to subscribe for membership and gain access to the Wii games, visit www.happy-neuron.com.

About HAPPYneuron
A pioneer in brain fitness, HAPPYneuron Inc, offers a broad range of scientifically-proven and personalized brain cross-training workouts. Designed for people of any age, the programs maximize the brain’s capacity to learn, adapt to new information, enable mental sharpness and minimize the natural effects of aging. Used by both direct consumers and in senior facilities worldwide, program effectiveness is optimized through the availability of thousands of hours of fun and challenging brain games, guided by an online personal coach. To learn more about HAPPYneuron, Inc. visit www.happy-neuron.com.

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