R&J Public Relations Named as Agency-of-Record for Audio Bone Headphones

Bridgewater, NJ, November 12, 2008 --(PR.com)-- R&J Public Relations, a leading brand-building public relations firm, today announced that it has been named the agency-of-record for GameChanger Products, the exclusive distributor of Audio Bone headphones in North America. R&J was selected to build brand-awareness of the Audio Bone name while helping to educate consumers about the innovative bone conduction technology that the headphones use.

Unlike regular headphones that use the eardrums to transmit sounds, the innovative Audio Bone headphones are a healthier, safer alternative that use bone conduction technology. With this technology, the sounds are delivered right through the listeners’ facial bones to the inner ear and then on to the brain, completely bypassing the use of the listener’s ear drums. Since the headphones do not use the eardrums to transmit sounds, they are able to rest comfortably right outside the ear which prevents soreness that usually occurs from wearing conventional headphones or earbuds, as well as damage to the ear drums.

With their ears free, users who wear the Audio Bone headphones are able to listen to their portable music player while still being able to hear ambient noises, which is ideal for safety for joggers, bike riders, and other athletes that need to hear oncoming traffic, car horns, ambulances or other warning noises. The headphones can even be worn by swimmers as they are waterproof as well.

One of the most notable uses for the Audio Bone Headphones is for individuals who have experienced some hearing loss due to ear drum damage. With these headphones, the listeners are able to hear their music much clearer and some people who have worn the Audio Bone headphones report hearing higher pitched noises that they had not heard since before their hearing problems occurred.

“We are very pleased to have been chosen to represent such an innovative company whose product is using truly ground-breaking technology to solve what has been reported as a significant safety issue,” said John Lonsdorf, president of R&J Public Relations. “We are truly excited to educate consumers about how the Audio Bone headphones serve as a healthy, safe alternative for standard headphones.”

About GameChanger
GameChanger Products, LLC of Alameda, CA is a distributor of innovative consumer products to the North American market. The company was founded in 2007 by Larry Popelka, the former VP of New Ventures at the Clorox Company. GameChanger's team also includes former executives from Procter & Gamble, Orange-Glo International and Leo Burnett.

About R&J Public Relations
R&J Public Relations LLC is a leading brand-building public relations firm specializing in assisting companies that are driven to become market leaders, or who are passionate about defending their market leadership position. Based in Bridgewater, N.J., the firm has a highly successful track record in the development and implementation of communications and promotional programs for companies ranging from divisions of large, multi-national conglomerates to regional market leaders.

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