Paul Schwesinger Wins Player of the Month Award

Sparta, NJ, November 12, 2008 --( Paul Schwesinger, a 10 year old Sparta resident, was awarded the Player of the Month Award by Bill Wright’s Guitar Studio in Sparta NJ on Tuesday. Paul received a signed certificate, a copy of which was placed on the wall at the studio, and a grab bag of guitar goodies, including guitar picks, strings, a guitar magazine, and a tee shirt.

Paul began taking lessons just after his 8th birthday. According to his instructor, Seth Fleishman, when Paul started, “His hands were so small, he couldn’t form full guitar chords. His attention would wander. I’d make up little games to make the lessons fun and keep him engaged. I kept telling him that all the work was going to pay off. That all the learning he was doing now was going to help him immensely down the road. Paul has stuck with it, and learned a lot, and now that he has gotten a little bigger, he is really motivated and progressing, and seeing the rewards for all that early work.”

Paul recently used a year’s worth of allowance money to purchase a new guitar from the studio. And he is currently working on a set of rock songs he will perform at a private recital to be held at the studio in December. Songs include “You Give Love a Bad Name”, “I Wanna Rock”, “Funkytown”, “Sunshine of Your Love”, and his favorite—“School’s Out”!

About the award, studio owner Bill Wright said, “The Player of the Month award is a new program designed to reward our students for their hard work and enthusiasm. Each month, one of our instructors will select a student to receive the honor. We hope that it provides good positive feedback to the recipients, and will serve as a motivator for newer students.” Bill Wright’s Guitar Studio is located at 83 Woodport Rd. in Sparta, and can be reached at 973-729-7900 or online at

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