Inspecting Personal Fall Protection Equipment - New Reference Book for the UK Market Published by UVSAR

The first ever complete reference book for inspection and maintenance of personal fall protection equipment is now available from major bookstores. Designed for the UK workplace and sport users, the full-colour 160-page book contains detailed guidance on the legal and practical care of any brand of PFPE.

London, United Kingdom, November 13, 2008 --( UVSAR is pleased to announce publication of their first title in the Technical Safety Handbook series, with the first complete guide to inspecting all forms of industrial and sporting PFPE, covering the legal and record-keeping requirements for UK workplaces plus the practical process of inspection and maintenance. The book aims to significantly increase safety and reduce prosecutions by guiding those responsible for PFPE through the often-complex process of care and maintenance.

If you are working at height or in confined spaces as part of a job, as a member of a rescue team, or enjoy extreme sports as a climber, caver, canyoner or bungee jumper, your life depends on your safety equipment. Being able to inspect and maintain your gear in a safe working condition is an essential skill, and in a workplace is required by law.

Personal fall protection equipment comes in a huge range of styles, from a coil of rope to the latest complex designs of descender or rescue system. Inspecting and maintaining each item requires a detailed knowledge of standards, design specifications, corrosion, wear and chemical damage. This all-new book is packed with full-colour photos and cutting-edge computer graphics, which chapters on each type of device explaining clearly what standards they should meet, how they should operate, and how they can fail. The information and techniques can be applied to any brand of equipment.

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ISBN: 978-0-9560784-1-4
Title: Inspecting Personal Fall Protection Equipment
Author: Dr DF Merchant
Format: 160pp 8.5x11 inch, full-colour paperback

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