Guide to Choosing a Junior Golf Set

With Christmas just around the corner, junior golf sets are at their most popular, with thousands of kids asking Santa for one for Christmas. Sports HQ present their guide to making sure that the right one ends up under the tree.

Birmingham, United Kingdom, November 13, 2008 --( How to choose a junior golf set

Nearly every professional on tour started golf when they were a child. Starting golf at young age allows many benefits as there is a larger muscle memory and they can carry this onto later life. Years ago junior golf clubs were simply adults cut down to a shorter size. However today there are a variety of clubs and makes out there for junior golfers. Junior players are no longer suffering as they have the same opportunities as adult golfers with equipment. There are a few things to remember when buying clubs for junior golfers.

Crucial to the correct decision is size. Most top brands sell clubs for age groups rather than specific heights, so below is a height chart for the average sizes:

4 years 104cm or 3’5”

6 years 116cm or 3’10”

8 years 128cm or 4’2”

10 years 140cm or 4’7”

12 years 152cm or 5’0”

14 years 164cm or 5’5”

It is best to measure your child’s height before purchasing a set of clubs. Also compare the size of the child to other children to see if they are average for their height. They may need to go up or down an age group.

Generally junior sets come with a wood, 5 iron, 7 iron, 9 iron and putter. This is all that is needed for a budding junior golfer. With this variety of clubs it offers the chance for the junior to practice every type of shot.

Virtually all golf manufacturers offer golf clubs for juniors. However, with the economy in such a mess, value brands are becoming incredibly popular. Some of the bestselling junior brands are Texan and Confidence, both sold direct by the Sports HQ, with sets starting from under thirty pounds. The Sports HQ have recently acquired Young Gun, Europe's premier junior golf brand. By selling them factory direct, you can expect huge savings on the list price for these great brands.

It is very important to take into consideration the child’s growth. There is no problem with the child gripping 1.5-2 inches down the club. However if the child is gripping down any further it will change their whole swing. If they grip down about an inch it allows them to swing normally and have enough length to get a second year out of the set.

It is also vital to ensure the right shafts for children. Most junior golfers will have a slow and weak swing, and for these golfers, junior graphite shafts are ideal- light enough to help generate more club head speed, and whippy enough to offer a good kick without sacrificing control.

You can also buy a range of junior golf equipment in single clubs. For example, Young Gun offer 460cc drivers, square hybrids and more. Also available are junior golf trolleys, bags and shoes.

You can pick up a full range of junior golf equipment, including clubs and sets at, one of the UK's leading junior golf retailers.

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