The Countdown as Americans Save One-Billion Dollars in Interest on Mortgages

One financial company finally helps credit-weary mortgage holders keep their homes and actually pay them off faster.

Provo, UT, November 13, 2008 --( WeXL Financial announced today the posting of its Billion Dollar Ticker – counting the total interest savings being realized by American homeowners using the Mortgage Checking Account (MCA) System, offered exclusively through WeXL Financial. As the country’s economic crisis forces banks and mortgage lenders to put a deep freeze on financing, WeXL is on a mission to help Americans save one-billion dollars in interest and pay off their mortgages in one-third to one-half the time.

Other countries have used the strategy employed by the MCA system for decades. Fortunately, U.S. consumers are now discovering they can pay down their mortgage and consumer debt a lot faster through the MCA System. This system allows homeowners to reverse the trend of paying banks arduous sums of interest and instead puts the ability to save significant interest in the customer’s control.

"The biggest surprise for most people is that this can happen without making bigger monthly payments," says WeXL President Cory Weaver. "And, instead of dollars sitting in a traditional checking account, where there is no real economic benefit, those same dollars can now sit against the principle balance of one’s mortgage - saving thousands in interest."

WeXL uses web-based software that makes it easy for people to manage the debt elimination process. WeXL customers don’t have to remember to make bi-weekly payments or extra principle payments, like most interest-saving plans. While WeXL is helping people eliminate debt, the company is also focused on putting people on a clear path to building wealth at the same time.

"We love watching the ticker click its way to one-billion dollars," added Weaver. "Knowing our clients are saving big money, that would otherwise be thrown away, while also helping them make smarter decisions with our system, feels great."

For more information on WeXL’s debt elimination or wealth creation programs, or to watch the Billion Dollar Ticker count down as American homeowners save more and more money through the MCA System, go to

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WeXL Financial is a financial services company that has developed a national network of Certified Affiliates. The company is an innovator in the financial services sector. In recent years, WeXL has worked in partnership with next generation financial service providers as well as time-tested industry leaders, to bring new and insightful products and services to the market. It’s flagship product, The MCA System, is leading an emerging sector in personal finance management.

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