Radio Advertisers Get Industry Search Engine to Make Radio Advertising More Effective

New York, NY, November 13, 2008 --( Since opening their doors to radio advertisers Thursday, is being applauded as a needed helpto make radio advertising more successful and strategically timed for the holiday season. The 'CEO Show's' host Robert Reiss said " could become the Google of Radio!" There has been a radio industry-wide response from people from such companies as CBS Radio (CBS), Cumulus Media (CMLS), Clear Channel Radio, Westwood One (WON), Radio One Communications,Sheridan Broadcasting, GAPWEST, and Canada's Astral Media to name a few. will help radio advertisers get even better results and increase the industries' revenues. opened Thursday for radio advertisers to list their radio ads. is a free search engine solely dedicated to radio advertisers with tracking capabilities for their radio advertising campaigns. Radio listeners can instantly find all of the details of an ad with what little information they recall no matter what station they heard it on.

To get listed, radio advertisers need to go to to signup and input their information. They can inputthe ad details, include coupons, images, links to their web site and direct links to the product or service they are advertising. The site will be searchable for listeners November 20th, just in time for the Pre-Thanksgiving sales. enables radio advertisers to stand out from the glut of advertising and easily be found. Radio advertisers will no longer have to worry about their search engine listings, adwords placement, yellow page ads, or listeners remembering cumbersome phone numbers and web site addresses. The site offers advertisers metrics including feedback data on response rate and "keyword search tracking," which shows what words listeners use to find their ads. This feature alone will help advertisers create improved copy for better radio ads. Other reports enable radio advertisers to track, quantify, and understand how effective their radio campaigns are.

Advertisers will be able to produce shorter, more creative, and compelling marketing messages because they will no longer have to rely on a listener's memory. Smaller advertisers without strong brand names can level the playing field by using theeasy-to-remember tagline in their radio advertising. will make radio advertising more effective and drive traffic to the advertisers.

The co-founders got the idea when they were driving and heard an ad they were interested in, and could not remember any of the details. They tried to find the ad again, and after they started switching stations they could no longer remember what station they heard it on, and needless to say, they never purchased the product. "We created this as radio listeners. We want information on radio advertisers, but couldn't remember the details."
Radio listeners will be able to search for radio ads they heard starting on November 20th.

About is a free service that enables radio advertisers to finally track, quantify and understand how effective their radio advertising campaigns are. More importantly to some, it enables listeners to interact with radio advertising that is compelling and of interest to them. The service will enable listeners to quickly find the details and respond to any ad they hear on the radio, regardless of the radio station.

More information is available at
Steven Secaras

Steven Secaras