BCTI Announces New Partnership with Cisco WebEx

Johnson City, TN, November 14, 2008 --(PR.com)-- BCTI is pleased to announce its new partnership with Cisco WebEx which allows BCTI to offer WebEx online collaboration and meeting tools to its customers. WebEx offers an affordable way to meet via the web in real-time. It is a high touch, low-cost option to expensive face-to-face meetings involving expensive travel costs and scheduling delays when trying to get a group of people to meet at the same time.

WebEx removes the geographical constraints that can limit your ability to get together in person. One can meet with anyone, anywhere in real time over the web and enjoy rich interaction, as if you were face-to-face. In addition, you can share documents and share document access to jointly make document changes in the WebEx meeting environment.

“The ability to collaborate is the key benefit WebEx offers to our customers. We frequently use WebEx with our partners and customers. We find it an effective way to share information and manage projects. For example, we often meet with representatives from Cisco via WebEx curtailing the necessity to travel to Nashville as frequently. Meeting online via WebEx is simple and effective,” said Chase Boles. WebEx offers web collaboration applications such as those for interactive web sales, e-learning, remote support, team workspaces and project management.

WebEx is an out-of-the-box solution, which makes it easy to use and great for business. Customers purchase WebEx as an online hosted service via BCTI. Meetings are scheduled via WebEx and invitations are sent via email. The email contains a URL and a password to enter WebEx and connect to the online meeting. You can invite customers, partners, co-workers, anyone you want using WebEx. You get to define the parameters. You can even record sessions for archival or playback purposes. For example, after the meetings, you can post recordings to share with people who could not attend live sessions or simply save them for documentation and review purposes.

More than 11,000 global companies rely on WebEx for real-time web communications. On an average day more than 10,000 meetings take place over the WebEx MediaTone Network. On a busy day that number can exceed 100,000. WebEx is a proven option which BCTI is proud to offer customers who need an inexpensive way to meet collaboratively, without the investment in significant infrastructure investments.

About WebEx
Founded in 1996, WebEx has grown into the worldwide leader in online meeting applications, with 64% market share. More than 3.5 million people use WebEx every month to communicate and collaborate online. WebEx continue to develop technological advances without sacrificing the reliability and security that enables on-demand collaboration.

About BCTI
Providing professional services since 1983, BCTI is the region’s premier provider of IT business solutions, including unified communications, development, training, and networking. This level of expertise has been achieved by a continued devotion to staff education and by forming strong partnerships with technology leaders such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco, IronPort, Websense, VMware, and now WebEx. BCTI is a Microsoft Gold Learning Solutions Partner and is Tennessee’s leading Cisco solutions and equipment provider. For more about BCTI, visit www.bcti.com or call 800-455-0543.

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