mobiSiteGalore ‘Build-Mobile-Websites-with-Mobile-Phone’ Technology to be Showcased at Gsma Mobile Asia Congress, Macau, China

mobiSiteGalore’s revolutionary free service that enables anyone including novice users to build mobile websites using just their basic mobile phone will be showcased at the Innovation Pavilion of the GSMA Mobile Asia Congress Expo, Macau, China – Nov 18 – 20.

San Jose, November 14, 2008 --( mobiSiteGalore ( that for the first time in the history of the Internet enables anyone to build a full-fledged mobile website using just their mobile phone will be showcased at the Technology Innovation Pavilion of the prestigious GSMA Mobile Asia Congress Expo & Conference to be held from Nov 18-20, Macau, China. mobiSiteGalore will be on display at stall#2 at the Innovation Pavilion.

David Hill, Director – Mobile Web Initiatives at mobiSiteGalore will be available for discussion and 1-to-1 interaction at the venue.

To build a mobile website using mobiSiteGalore, anyone who has a basic Internet connection (like GPRS) on their mobile phone can visit, sign up for a free account and start building their mobile website right away. Of course, they can also build from a PC/Laptop as well.

The best part is mobiSiteGalore does not need an expensive, high-end phone to work. Any mobile phone with a basic Internet connection (like GPRS) will do. Also there is no software or plug-in to be downloaded. mobiSiteGalore also provides a free website address to publish and host the mobile website after it is built. And what’s even better it is 100% free with no advertisements.

S. Prashanth, CEO of mobiSiteGalore says, “When 3 billion mobile phone users in the world get the power to create mobile websites using just their mobile phone, it is just a matter of time before the number of mobile websites are going to far exceed the number of PC websites. The mobile web revolution is now all set to unfold and touch the lives of millions of people around the world.”

Co-author of Mobile Internet For Dummies, Michael J. O'Farrell says, "… mobiSiteGalore has done it! This is truly an amazing accomplishment. I have no doubt that mobiSiteGalore ‘Build-with-Mobile’ by empowering anyone to design, develop and launch a full-fledged website from their mobile phone will successfully capture the true essence of mobility and point of inspiration to the fullest. My congratulations on the launch of a truly revolutionary service poised to change the way we all use the mobile Internet…"

mobiSiteGalore enables users to easily add powerful site building features like Feedback Form pages to receive inputs from website visitors, Hit Counters to count the number of visitors, easy image upload options and even the ability to Rollback the website to any earlier published version of the website that are all backed up and saved automatically. Most importantly websites that are built using mobiSiteGalore are guaranteed to work fine on any mobile phone because mobiSiteGalore is 100% compliant with the standards for the mobile web that are defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (

As you would be aware, mobiSiteGalore already offers a free service for users to build mobile websites using a computer. To use this, you just need to visit the same address ( from a PC/Laptop.

mobiSiteGalore users can swap between Mobile and Computer to edit and manage their websites. The websites created using mobiSiteGalore though ideally suited for viewing on the small screen of a mobile phone, can also be viewed using a PC or Laptop.

To try mobiSiteGalore and for more details, please visit

To learn more about the GSMA Mobile Asia Congress, 2008, please visit

About Akmin’s mobiSiteGalore (
mobiSiteGalore comes from Akmin ( - a global leader in online website building solutions for PC and mobile platforms. Akmin is a software products company founded in Chennai, India with its Data Technology Centers in Herndon, Virginia, USA and its International Design & Development Center in Chennai, India. Founded in 1998 as a web technologies company, Akmin has offered highly acclaimed site building and content management tools like, and over the years. mobiSiteGalore is offered free to users as the principal source of revenue for mobiSiteGalore comes from service providers who license mobiSiteGalore, private brand it with their own brand name & logo and offer it to their clients. Akmin today powers over a thousand service providers across 45+ countries around the world. For further details please email David Hill, Director - mobile web initiatives at


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David Hill, Director – Mobile Web Initiatives, Call: +18006157453, +14083515408 Email: David will be available at the Innovation Pavilion (Stall #2) at the GSMA Mobile Asia Congress Exhibition. Macau, China
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