EverySingleHome.com Announces Mortgage Assistance Program

Every Single Home, Inc, the nation’s leading provider of homeowner related tools and services, announces the release of the Mortgage Assistance Program. Borrowers now have the tools and expertise needed to save thousands of dollars and identify and avoid confusing and sometimes deceptive mortgage origination practices.

Salt Lake City, UT, November 15, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Every Single Home today announced the release of their Mortgage Assistance Program to help borrowers nationwide through the painful process of getting a mortgage.

"The release of this service couldn't come at a better time for borrowers looking to purchase or refinance a home," said Matt Hansen, the Company's Director of Business Development. "With the market reeling as a result of the credit crisis, this product and service provides consumers with the tools needed to restore confidence in their mortgage decisions."

The Mortgage Assistance Program goes beyond shopping for lenders, it negotiates the best possible terms and fees on the borrower's behalf and presents potential mortgage options in an apples-to-apples Loan Comparison Report. In addition, Every Single Home assigns a personal loan assistant to every borrower to answer questions or concerns throughout the mortgage process. Prior to closing, the Company performs a Pre-Closing Analysis which ensures the borrower receives the loan they were quoted. If variances exist, Every Single Home works with the loan officer and borrower to resolve concerns before closing.

According to Hansen, "The Mortgage Assistance Program saves borrowers an average of $2,100 in closing costs and over $20,000 in interest and fees over the life of the loan. There are many great loan officers, but there are also many bad loan officers. The Mortgage Assistance Program is designed to help borrowers make their loan decisions without subjectivity and blind trust. By working with our in-house experts, borrowers get a great loan program that meets their needs at a fantastic price."

Scott Chappell, the owner of Contact Mortgage, has used the Mortgage Assistance Program with his clients. "The Mortgage Assistance Program offers tremendous value to the borrower and to the loan officer. Loan Officers have embraced the program because it provides them a way to prove to their clients that they really are able to back up their claims. Not only are borrowers saving money, but Loan Officers pay nothing for the service. This ultimately translates into happier clients and more referral business."

Because the Company acts in the borrower’s best interest, it offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If borrowers don’t save more than $349 (the cost of the service), they receive a full refund.

For additional information on the Mortgage Assistance Program, or to request a sample of the Loan Comparison Report, please contact Every Single Home at 800-765-4950 or register for their free weekly online workshop at www.EverySingleHome.com.

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