Mekchoudi Design - Unique and Creative Designer Line of Contemporary Men's Jewelry

Announcement of a new creative men’s jewelry brand from Canada with European roots.

Montreal, Canada, November 15, 2008 --( Mekchoudi Design is a new brand of men's jewelry inspired by men's personalities around the world, from the sensuous flavors of Morocco to the wild Northern Territory of Canada and the modern cities of Europe. Made with high-quality standards by manufacturers who produce for famous designers from France, England and Italy; Mekchoudi Design offers the same quality with unique designs and great value. A high point of the collection is the line of men's braided leather bracelets.

New 2008 Collection - Available Now

The geometric symbol within Mekchoudi Design logo represents the Tree in Berber culture; Berbers are the first inhabitants of North-Africa, they refer themselves as the Imazighan meaning "The Free People". The Tree symbol is related to an easy life, happiness and fertility. It also means Life, because of the roots and Knowledge because of the leaves.

All men's bracelets, rings and pendants are designed in a contemporary and fresh style with exciting combinations of 316L stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, gold, ceramic, leather and wood.

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