New Cyberian to Offer Lenticular Printing for Disc Packaging

Lenticular printing is a way to present special visual effects such as 3D, morph, flip, zoom, and animation on flat surface. Traditionally only by Hollywood productions could afford to use lenticular printing on their DVD packaging. New Cyberian has devised more affordable approaches and easy to work with workflow for low-budget and low-volume small productions.

San Jose, CA, November 15, 2008 --( When one thinks about DVD or CD packaging the options seem to be limited to amaray case and jewel case. But lastly some interesting packaging can be found on the market. For example, on the slipcase of "The Girl Next Door", “Get Smarter”, and “i, ROBOT” one can see two different images as he or she moves the head slightly side way. The effect is called flip which is essentially two or more images to be viewed from different angles. A piece of plastic with a lot of grooves is attributing to this effect. The plastic is called a "lenticular sheet".

Lenticular printing is nothing new and has been around for over a century. It can be found on rulers, key chains, or other small premium packaging. Lenticular printing usage was not popular because the manufacturing cost was too high. But not anymore. New Cyberian has come up with good approaches to make lenticular printing more affordable and made the workflow much easier. Now not only the big Hollywood productions can afford it, low-budget indie musicians or indie filmmakers can use lenticular printing to enhance their products too.

Lenticular printing is famous for its 3D effect. With proper design, objects on an artwork can have depth or distance among them. This is accomplished by the theory that human left and right eyes are seeing a slightly different image to percept depth in the real world. Besides flip and 3D other effects such as morph, zoom, and animation can be done by applying the same theory.

New Cyberian Systems, Inc.
Isaac Cheung