Phoenix Personal Training Outdone by Local Fitness Boot Camp

Local Phoenix fitness boot camp training gets better results in less time for a third of the cost of typical Phoenix personal training services.

Phoenix, AZ, November 15, 2008 --( Curtis Hoekstra, a local Phoenix fat loss expert and boot camp trainer, has recently launched a new Rapid Fire Interval Fat Loss Workout, an outdoor fitness camp program that provides better results in less time for a third of the cost of typical Phoenix personal training services.

Hoekstra believes he has the rapid weight loss solution that people in Arizona are looking for at only a small fraction of the cost of typical Phoenix personal training rates. “Most Phoenix personal training services are simply too expensive and don’t provide any sort of results. Our integrated rapid fat loss training and nutrition system is second to none for helping people burn fat and lose weight fast. Our clients typically lose up to two to three lbs of fat per week from our program.” The Rapid Fire Interval Fat Loss Workout program accomplishes this with its revolutionary population health based model that teaches large groups how to exercise and eat to meet their fitness goals. “Our boot camps consist of 45-minute express interval workouts that burns nine times more fat than ordinary exercise. Furthermore, we are experts in providing the appropriate exercise progressions and regressions, allowing everyone to benefit from this program regardless of their current fitness level.”

The name Rapid Fire Interval Fat Loss program comes from the belief that most people are truly motivated to workout because of the desire to look and feel better, but just don’t have a lot of time or money to hire a one-on-one personal trainer. Participants lose unwanted body fat and gaining lean tight core muscles. This dramatically improves one’s health and overall performance. “Very few people wake up at five in the morning to prevent heart disease or diabetes, but many people will do so to fit into a bathing suit or to get into a new pair of pants or even their wedding dress. Realizing what motivates you is the first step to getting out the door and starting a health and fitness transformation. Since so many Americans struggle with weight and obesity, it is paramount to take the right steps to improve inner health as well as outward beauty,” says Hoekstra.

The benchmark of this Phoenix boot camp is the trademarked nutrition system, Eternal Eating, which features quick-start guides and cookbooks customized for both men and women. Hoekstra states: “Nutrition is 80 to 90 percent of the battle when it comes to fat loss. We leave nothing to chance by giving our clients everything they need to get the most rapid and lasting weight loss around.” The Rapid Fire program further separates itself from the competition by offering your very own grocery shopping tour and in-home Kitchen Nutrition Makeover options.

Arizona Fitness Boot Camp offers a free one-week trial to all newcomers and has a 30-day money back guarantee. For more information visit

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