BikeWear World L.L.C. Announces Relations with the ABA BMX, AtomLab and Thrashbike

Thrashbike Jump Jam and the Grand Nationals this month.

San Diego, CA, November 16, 2008 --( It’s ABA BMX Grand Nationals time. The ABA Grand Nationals is "The Greatest Race on Earth", according to Shannon Gillette of ABA BMX and this year will be no exception. “One of the highlights to the ABA Grand Nationals weekend has always been the PRO Spectacular/N.A.G. 5 Challenge. This event pits the best of the best against each other in a special racing format. We take the top riders from across the country and line them up on the gate,” says Gillette.

“ has provided stickers and support to the association and it should be an amazing event,” says Sami Tauber, CEO of BikeWear World L.L.C. The event is taking place in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the turnout is to be about 5,000 participants.

Another event that will be apart of will be the Thrashbike Supersession Replacement Jump Jam, featuring TeamHacksaw and others. The jump jam includes the local street, park and dirt jumps. “It should be super cool to see what sort of talent shows up this year,” says Tauber.

“Last year, a bunch of kids from out of the country came in to town to warm up before heading over to the Sea Otter Classic. The skills were unbelievable,” says Tauber. “They were doing 180’s, 360’s, catching so much air off jumps, pocket wall/ berm things, wall rides, crazy stuff!” AtomLab and Thrashbike are major supporters of this event. The event will be taking place in San Diego, California.

BikeWear World L.L.C., CEO Sami Tauber, says that “ is having a sale, liquidating 2008 inventory on brand names like Adidas, Campagnolo, Troy Lee Designs, Craft and many more.”

“The 2009 product lines are on the way and a lot of the products are accenting features such as ipod pockets, Velcro and super recycled fabrics. The new lines that the buyer at BikeWear World accepted this year were by companies like Cliff Bars – Luna gear, Mavic’s new cycling line, SkirtSports new casual cycling gear, and Louis Garneau’s, mountain biking line,” says Tauber.

“The colors and fabrics chosen by the manufacturers were inspired by the economy and the bicycle commuter. We are going to be seeing a lot more accommodating looks for riding and casual wear, since more people have begun commuting to and from their destinations,” says Tauber. “I think that the cycling industry is prepared for anything the economy throws at us; whether it is for commuting, racing, training, or pleasure…we are on it!

Outfitting one rider at a time, from our community throughout the world….

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Greg Smith