Fallen Angel, Risen Demon

Author, Gregory D. Welch releasing new novel, "Fallen Angel, Risen Demon," a novel about a young man pushed around in life and eventually thrown into an entirely new world. A world made of the old, but dangerously different. There is horror, thrills, suspense, conspiracies, and terror around every corner. Look for your copy on Lulu under the Shades of Truth storefront.

Lexington, KY, November 19, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Chris Thomas is an aspiring writer trying his best to make it, a thing hard enough to do with a failing economy, the constant threat of terrorism, and a chaotic war bristling overseas sucking up his friends and fellow youth by the countless dozens. He is haunted by a growing stack of rejections, and unfinished novels he is swiftly losing any interest in. He thinks life simply couldn't get any worse.

But as Chris soon finds out, things can, and do, get worse. They always get worse. He---and the rest of the world---is quickly, and abruptly sucked into a thing of ancient evils hiding behind the modern horrors of the world's greatest scientific minds. A thing shrouded in the enigmatic mysteries of a government agency keeping its secrets quiet even as their pet project pulls the world toward an ending no one expected, least of all them.

Chris is faced with the duties and love of family, and a hellish journey home that is both as agonizing emotionally as it is treacherous to try physically. But it is, he resolves, a thing he must do. If the world is about to end, he doesn't want to face it alone. What is more, he doesn't want his family to face it without him.

In the end Chris finds the story he knows he was born to write, but in the face of writing it, he is no longer sure he wants to live long enough to see it through. Will he decide to live and write the tale he was careless to wish upon a star for? Or will he give in to death's siren song, and end it all before the dying world has a chance to end it for him?

Shades of Truth
Gregory D. Welch
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