Rodney Louis Baker Releases Hot New CD "Dyrty Gyrlz"

Rodney Louis Baker has a new c.d. release that is quickly becoming the most sought out on the net. RLB finally gives the music industry something never before seen.

Summit, NY, June 07, 2006 --( By the day's end you'll be chanting the verses of RLB's innovative sound from the new release Dyrty Gyrlz. RLB has finally brought something new and fresh to the music industry. His dynamic stage presence wows audiences of all ages as he spins his microphone from a gun holster with shear precision. RLB has developed over a hundred ways to work the mic and theres a guarantee you've never seen anything like it! This is creating quite a buzz in the industry.

RLB has accomplished what hasn't been done in the industry in about 20 years and that is "something never seen before." With a barrage of hot radio friendly dance songs Dyrty Gyrlz boast what may well be the number one ringtone in the country by the year's end. RLB has devoted much of the summer season to benefit concerts and fundraisers but even with a tight scheduel RLB insist that he can fit others in need in. is where you can learn more about this intense highly marketable artist. There you'll be able to contact RLB personally. RLB has shown so much class that he makes the promise to all his fans that he will personally contact each one at least once. There's something you don't see too often. RLB is readily available to help your cause at no cost to you. In return RLB sets up a merchandise table and that is how he makes his living. Go ahead visit the rodfatha. It's music you can't refuse. You can also buy direct from enjoy the hottest party music of the summer and you'll hear from rlb soon. Above the World Entertainment is the parent company of rodfatha records The label in which RLB heads himself. This is "diy"in it's truest form!

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