Moka Enables Skype Users to Translate Text Messages from English to Chinese or Spanish and Learn Languages While Chatting

Moka chat for Skype is a language translation application which allows Skype users to have conversations in Chinese, Spanish, and English using Skype chat. Skype users can now easily send translated text messages to Chinese or Spanish Skype buddies, while at the same time improve their language skills. In addition, this application can help you to send translated SMS text messages using Skype’s messaging services.

West Palm Beach, FL, November 20, 2008 --( Communicating between Chinese, Spanish and English just got a whole lot easier with the launch of a multilingual chat service for Skype, called Moka Chat. Moka, the leading provider of mobile language translation and communication services, announced the release of its language translation technology for Skype, which gives Skype users the ability to chat in English, Spanish or Chinese with other Skype users.

With over 2 billion people in the world identifying English, Chinese or Spanish as their first language, Moka is leading the way to provide mobile language translation and learning solutions in support of both the consumer and business markets for an increasingly borderless world. Having recently partnered with China Mobile to bring its mobile language translation service to the Chinese market, Moka is now expanding its reach across new markets and communication platforms with Moka Chat for Skype. Using Moka Chat, English-speaking Skype users can now easily send translated text messages to Chinese or Spanish Skype buddies, enhancing their Skype experience while at the same time improving their language skills. In addition, Moka Chat for Skype enables users to send translated SMS text messages using Skype’s built-in text messaging service.

Moka Chat for Skype is now available for free during the beta period and can be downloaded from After downloading and installing the Moka Chat for Skype application and selecting a language pair, users can easily enable real-time language translation for any text messaging conversation with anyone on their Skype buddy list. Because it allows the user to see both the original and translated text every time a message is sent, Moka Chat is also a powerful language learning tool. Moka’s learning-while-chatting feature makes language learning fun and interactive for all Skype users.

“Skype is one of the most popular and effective services in the world today for global communications, and we are excited to be adding a high-value multilingual communication capability for Skype users. Moka Chat for Skype is the ideal translation solution for a community with such a vast multilingual user base”, said Diego Winegardner, President and Co-founder of Moka.

Pioneering Language Translation
Moka is a pioneer in the field of translation technology. With its proprietary artificial intelligence system, the company’s goal is to provide the most accurate mobile and online translation service in the world. Moka’s state of the art translation technology is perpetually learning, and the more Moka is used, the more accurate it becomes. As a result, Moka is perfectly suited for large multilingual communities such as Skype where the viral nature of its service can be leveraged to enhance the communication experience for everyone.
In addition to Moka Chat for Skype, Moka provides Moka Chat for SMS, Moka Translator for SMS and other language learning products. Information on all Moka products can be found at their web site at

About Moka, LLC
Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida and Beijing, China, Moka is a privately held company, which is removing language barriers by providing the most accurate and accessible real-time language translation service available in the world today. Moka has created a global translator, which allows users the ability to chat with friends, or business associates in different languages using text messaging on their cell phones (SMS) or Skype. Moka also enables language learning on the go with real-time contextual language study via a mobile phone or Skype. Moka’s advanced translation technology is able to adapt to text-messaging slang terms and local expressions in order to provide the most accurate machine translation possible. Moka’s products are currently available in three languages, English, Spanish and Chinese, focusing on the most widely spoken languages in the world today. Visit to find more information about Moka’s mobile and online language translation and language learning products.

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