Movavi Releases Ground Breaking 'All In One' Video Converter

Movavi has launched the new version of its highly regarded video converter software, renowned for its user-friendliness, high performance, ground breaking features, and multiple format support.

Novosibirsk, Russia, November 20, 2008 --( Movavi ( has launched version 7 of its highly regarded video converter software. Renowned for its user-friendliness, high performance, and support for all popular formats and devices, Movavi Video Converter 7 builds on the previous version with a host of ground-breaking new features.

Among the exciting new features of Movavi Video Converter 7 are: its support for high definition video, Flash video and all the latest video formats and devices; the ability for users to select the desired quality and file size of their output videos; the inclusion of professional deblocking and deinterlacing filters; and a convenient automatic shutdown feature.

"We didn't just design Movavi Video Converter 7 to be cutting edge, but also to be based on what our customers said they wanted," said Mikhail Penkovsky, Movavi's Chief Executive Officer. “In particular, Movavi Video Converter 7 supports an extensive range of formats and devices, making it a true 'one-size-fits-all' video converter."

For example, users wishing to convert video off HDTV, a DVD, or a high definition camcorder, can now transfer that video into either high definition or standard definition format, allowing them to watch converted videos on devices ranging from HDTV sets to cellphones and portable media players, including iPod, iPhone, PSP and Blackberry.

Another terrific feature of Movavi Video Converter 7 is the ability to convert Flash video (flv) files into other video formats. Plus, the video file converter now supports a range of other new input and output formats, including m2t, mts, mkv, vro, wma, ogg and aac.

“We've added support for a number of new video and audio formats to keep pace with all the new media devices coming onto the market,” said Mr Penkovsky.

One of the truly revolutionary features of Movavi Video Converter 7 is the unprecedented control it gives users over the quality and size of their output videos. They need only use a simple slider to select their desired level of quality and file size, and the video converter will automatically adjust all the video parameters without the need to specify bitrates, frame rates or other 'techie stuff'. Meanwhile, users can select 'Advanced' mode to manually control the parameters of their videos.

Adding to the video file converter's many existing editing features, the video converter software also sports two new filters: a deblocking filter to smooth out images and give them a more professional appearance, and a deinterlacing filter to transform any "striped" frames into normal video frames.

Movavi Converter 7 is also ideal for those with large video or audio libraries. With its automatic shutdown feature, the video format converter can be set to convert entire libraries of content and then close itself and safely power down the user's computer after completion.

Finally, existing Movavi Video Converter customers will welcome the 30% discount they get when they upgrade to Version 7 at

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