IN-COM Data Systems Achieves Major Advance in JCL Expansion

New version works off-mainframe and expands at 1,000,000 lines of code per minute.

Richardson, TX, November 20, 2008 --( IN-COM Data Systems is receiving great acclaim from its Fortune 1000 clients for its JCL EXPANDER software, which is setting a new standard for speed and accuracy in the software intelligence industry.

“We have had amazing and very positive feedback from many of our customers,” IN-COM CEO Shlomo Friman said recently, “and especially in cases where we have been benchmarked against the competition.”

JCL (Job Control Language) is a language for submitting batch jobs (i.e., units of work) to operating systems such as MVS, VSE, and OS/390 that run on IBM’s S/390 mainframe computers. In most mainframe environments, JCL and PROCS contain symbolic variables, which are expanded only at run time. These expanded strings are not visible to the user conducting a search and require a separate and often lengthy process to analyze and query. IN-COM’s JCL EXPANDER exposes the full JCL code complete with executed PROCS and uploads the results to the SMART TS XL server to provide the precise and complete path to the value(s) being sought. Another significant benefit is the fact that the process is displayed on a single screen so that both the original JCL line of code and its expanded version are simultaneously visible to the user.

“While there are other JCL expansion tools available, ours is the only one in the marketplace that works off-load, i.e., off of the mainframe,” Friman explained, “which allows for vastly greater speed and efficiency. JCL EXPANDER runs at 1 million lines of code per minute, so that jobs normally requiring up to 24 hours to complete on the mainframe can now take fifteen minutes or less. The user not only saves time and therefore is more productive, but also conserves expensive MIPS. In addition, the tool is so simple to use and easy to learn that training time is minimal, and it can be used throughout the enterprise.”

IN-COM’s JCL EXPANDER has been well received in the Fortune 1000 marketplace and is currently being successfully utilized at Southwest Airlines, JP Morgan Chase, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Medco, and Merck.

About IN-COM Data Systems, Inc.

IN-COM Data Systems, a privately held company based in Richardson, TX, develops Application Portfolio Management software intelligence (SOA) tools for Global 2000 companies in Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecom, Transportation, and Retail industries. IN-COM’s premiere product, SMART TS XL, is a multi-platform Application Portfolio Management and search tool using patented technology that runs on cost effective server platforms and works with both state of the art and legacy systems. Visit or call 214-774-2284 for more information about IN-COM’s products and services.

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