Launches Incomparable Line of Fine African Rugs

The art form that inspired and captivated artists Picasso, Matisse, van Gogh and Gauguin is now finding its way to the floors of many homes in a collection that is the first of its kind.

Lund, Sweden, November 21, 2008 --( Lande Anjous-Zygmunt, founder of (, announced today the launch of a line of custom hand made rugs that are designed, created and crafted by accomplished African artists. The one of a kind collection of African rugs is offered exclusively by to aficionados of African home décor and African accessories the world over.

“Through the generations, African art has proved to be an inspiration to artists in other parts of the world,” explained Anjous-Zygmunt in announcing the launch of the line of African rugs. “However, with that said, until very recently African art itself has been somewhat left on the back burner. Despite its significant influence on art the world over, African art is only now heading to centre stage. Our African rugs offer a new avenue through which people everywhere can enjoy and fully appreciate the best in contemporary African art in their homes or offices.”

According to Anjous-Zygmunt, African rugs are no longer merely floor coverings. “African rugs certainly are great for use on floors. But, they really have become the African home décor items of choice in this day and age. Indeed, many people who truly love great art are using African rugs for wall decoration. These wall rugs are becoming the centre pieces of many of the finest homes in the world today, the African accessories in homes of true distinction” she explained.

The line of African rugs that has been launched by is hand crafted on all levels. From the production of the wool to the unique design and crafting associated with each of these African rugs, everything literally is undertaken by hand and on a custom made basis. The rugs are produced in workshops that comply with all international treaties prohibiting child labour and ensuring an appropriate workplace for people involved in the creation and production of these unique African accessories. “Fare trade is fundamental when it comes to our line of African rugs and other African home décor products and art,” Anjous-Zygmunt noted.’s line of African rugs is made of wool collected from Himalayan mountain sheep. These animals are raised on the highest plateau in the world. Because of the climate of the Himalayas, these sheep have strong coats that are very rich in lanolin, a natural protective oil. As a result, the wool from these animals is particularly luxurious and strong.

The African rugs made available through are custom ordered. “Our artists are diligent in their efforts at ensuring the finest quality in all of the African rugs they craft. Therefore, it typically takes from three to six months for one of our rugs to be designed and created,” Anjous-Zygmunt said.

The designs that are available in the line of African rugs brought to the market by vary widely. For example, there are African rugs that adopt traditional designs, designs that have been utilised in African art for centuries. On the other hand, it is also possible to obtain more contemporary designs. “No matter the design desired by an African art lover, great care and close attention is paid to each rug crafted by our superior artisans,” Anjous-Zygmunt remarked.

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