Global Technologies Investment, Inc. LBS (Location Based Services), GPS Based, Have Been Launched

A new concept in LBS services has been placed in the market. Global Technologies Investment (GTI) brings the opportunity to enterpreneurs to start a LBS business while GTI offers the technology as ASP

Wellington, FL, November 21, 2008 --( Global Technologies Investment, Inc. (GTI), has announced the official launch of a backend system that allows companies to setup a LBS (Location Based Services) – GPS based product in just a few days. It is very simple, usually companies have to deal with the hurdle and inconveniences of technology, when they have a clear idea and nitch markets already identified. “We have taken a step forward, GTI invites entrepreneurs and businesses to concentrate in marketing, promotion and sales; use the financial resources in generating business, instead of buying technology that needs to be maintained and updated. GTI takes care of it as an ASP (Application Service Provider), never compete with you and your customers, and concentrate in keeping the highest standards of service and leading edge technology” says Enrique Pallares, Executive Director of GTI.

“GTI whiteboxes the application for its clients, and in just two weeks has the whole integrated system up and running, fully customized and with the customer’s brands, look & feel and payment systems integration. Usually, we will take less time setting up a complex LBS system for our customer, than other promotional tasks that our customer needs to put in place” says Pallares.

LBS systems have many applications in the market such as: fleet tracking, family members, elderly people, children, pets, vehicles, vessels, courier services, landscaping, critical health, sales teams, social networks, VIP, among many others. The system has many ways to track and control, via notifications (SMS and e-mail), via Geo Fences, speed limit alarms, off hours usage of vehicles, miles traveled, scheduling, etc.

The system uses any GPS enabled phone, microtrackers and tracking devices already mounted in vehicles.

The company has established a low setup fee that covers customization, modifications and hosting of the new client’s application, and a monthly fee on a per-customer base that allows the client to grow without high recurrent costs.

A website powered with their technology can be seen at:

Any further information can be requested at: or +1-561-228-8545

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