Low Cost Online Anger Management Classes Released by masteringanger.com

Charlotte, NC, November 21, 2008 --(PR.com)-- To meet the ever increasing demand of clients for online anger and conflict management courses, masteringanger.com has released eight low cost courses including beginners, intermediate and advance anger management based on a new conflict management model.

Carlos Todd, the owner of masteringanger.com reports that, “the release of these low cost courses represents the merging of the desire to provide high quality online anger and conflict management content with a price structure that is affordable to a wider customer base.

The courses include content on anger, emotional intelligence, stress management, resiliency, negotiation and communication skills. In total, the course represents over 40 hours of content. At their own leisure, site visitors can log on to the site, purchase a low cost course, study the content, take an exam and print a certificate of completion. It’s that easy.

Visit http://www.masteringanger.com. Also contact us at todds@masteringanger.com or 704-804-0841 for details.

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