123vISP.co.uk Reports Detection of Massive Increase in Online Fraud for 2008

UK vISP wholesaler 123vISP.co.uk today reported major increases in its detection of online fraud cases. UK visp wholesaler 123vISP.co.uk has today reported their own independent research findings regarding the current steep increase in cases of attempted UK online fraud. Their findings point towards a steep climb in fraudulent websites attempting to capture unprotected computer users vital personal information rather than the more traditional email-based scams of old.

Leeds, United Kingdom, November 21, 2008 --(PR.com)-- visp wholesaler www.123vISP.co.uk are quoted as saying "The average internet-connected business in the UK is also following a similar disturbing path." Managers are looking at the bottom line and will slash any costs which they believe to be unnecessary, this often includes computer software spending. The mistake they make could directly lead to the demise of the entire business. The percentage of businesses which fold within weeks of a major security breach is staggeringly high.

The simple fact is that there are no free lunches when it comes to online security. The old saying "You get what you pay for" has never rung more true than when it comes to securing any computer in today's virus-ridden internet.

Marketing advisor to 123vISP.co.uk, Mark Fallon, was quoted earlier this week;
"With the average household now finding their monthly costs spiralling out of their reach, they are still desparately trying to find bargain deals on the internet. Christmas is coming and homeowners are feeling the pinch so any websites offering drastic price reductions are seeing higher than average website traffic. This is leading many unscrupulous online traders to push the boundaries of online security beyond breaking point. Businesses are also affected; they are concentrating on producing sales in a very difficult global market and are clearly ignoring minimium security requirements."

123vISP themselves are this week promoting safer-surfing practises and advises all internet users to ensure that they have adequate internet security for at least the next six months. Online fraud is set to rocket over this period.

123vISPs online security products, which are sold by many independent UK vISPs nationwide, have seen a larger than expected rise in sales over the last six months, but not as high a rise as has been seen in fraudulent websites popping up globally.

Further information regarding www.123visp.co.uk online security products can be found at their vISP wholesale website http://www.123visp.co.uk and more specifically their online security is described at http://123visp.co.uk/visp-products/index.html

source - http://www.123visp.co.uk

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