Aims to Prove That Radio Advertising is Effective Despite Current Retail Advertising Conditions

New York, NY, November 20, 2008 --( Recent controversy over station ratings may be less relevant to advertisers. questions if advertisers really care about station ratings. According to, advertisers care about one thing: results.

If an advertiser were to buy air time in several markets on multiple stations and then was able to views real time reports of web activity (hits) broken down by market and station as a result of those buys, will the advertiser really care what the station rating is?

Furthermore if the web hits can be isolated from non radio advertising activity and also be traced directly to online purchases or offer page views, isn't this all an advertiser needs to make informed future buy decisions for those stations and markets? empowers advertisers in just this way. believes radio advertising works well and wants to prove it by inviting advertisers to list there ads free during their next upcoming campaign and judge the results. is a free site solely dedicated to radio advertising. Listeners can hear an ad and instantly retrieve more information/coupons or utilize an online purchase function that has been enabled by the advertiser. is a self administered program just like Adwords. Radio advertisers simply to go to to sign up and input their information. They can input the ad details, include coupons, mapping, images, links to their web site and direct links to the product or service they are advertising. The site will be searchable for listeners November 20th, just in time for the Pre-Thanksgiving sales.

Robert Reiss, host of the CEO Show notes that " could become the Google of Radio and according to the RAIN "the Radio and Internet newsletter " aims to be an easier way for consumers to follow-up radio advertisements than with traditional search engines, and will supply advertisers with feedback data."

Steven Secaras

Steven Secaras
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