AccountingWeb Reviewer Gives Xero Web-Based Accounting Software the Ultimate Thumbs Up

Not only was Accountant Nigel Harris impressed with Xero's online accounting system, he's started using it with his clients.

London, CO, November 22, 2008 --( Account Nigel Harris was reviewing online software for AccountingWeb when he first came across Xero's web-based accounting system. He says it immediately stood out from the other online accounting packages he was looking at.

"As soon as I turned on Xero I thought 'this just looks interesting. It looks like something I might want to use'," he says. "It looks like something that's going to make bookkeeping, if not enjoyable, then not a chore."

Harris predicts the next 18 months will see big growth in web-based accounting software use as online software in general becomes more accepted. The benefits of online accounting, he says, are clear.

"It enables you to work collaboratively without having to worry about who's got the file or where the bank statements are. Everybody can access them at the same time.

"It makes everybody's life easier in the long run."

For now Harris is introducing Xero's online accounting system in his own practice, Burton Sweet. He believes the web-based accounting software is well placed to meet the various needs of SMEs who make up the bulk of accountants' clients.

"It's going to give the client better value from us as their accountant because they can do more of the bookkeeping as they go along. But we can come in once a quarter or once a month with management accounts and give them forward tax planning advice because we'll actually be able to see what's going on in the business.

"I'm not saying that they'll save money, but they'll get much better value for their annual accounting spend."

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