Motivate 4 Success Holiday Program - Clean and Sober Holidays at Home Now Available

For the second year in a row, Motivate 4 Success is offering its special Recovery Holiday program. Holidays are a highly emotional time. For those who are new in sobriety they are even more difficult. The holiday program from Motivate 4 Success can help. Who will call you this holiday season?

San Clemente, CA, November 22, 2008 --( The holidays can be a difficult time, and are often a major hurdle for someone who is new in sobriety. The new Holiday Program from Motivate 4 success ( will help you to create an environment that allows you to lower the stress, frustration, anger, and depression that come with the Holidays.

Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukah pose unique challenges for people with a history of Alcohol or Drug addiction, actively using or new to sobriety, (within the first year). The triggers, people, and places can be overwhelming. Your sober friends cannot be guaranteed to be there, when you need them. All the effort of calling them lies with you. Are you going to call them? How many times have you made promises of doing this or that and not followed through? They guarantee that they are going to call. (

In Sober Living, or Rehab none of the problems went away just because you went to rehab (except one). It is a surprise to get back to the real world and find everything exactly the way it was. Add on the stress of the holidays, and the fact that all your sober friends are now gone, you are frighteningly alone. Statistically, few people that go to rehab together ever call one another once they have returned to their homes.

Holiday Blues can impact anyone. If you are anxious about the upcoming holidays, take heart. There is a solution.( Leaving the tranquil community of treatment or sober living causes tremendous strain on an individual who is new in sobriety. You have changed dramatically, but the people you left at home may have not. With the added stress of the holidays and no sober network created it can be overwhelming. The most important factor in staying sober is staying connected. Few new in sobriety will pick up the phone themselves. Out of sight, is out of mind. Make sure someone is calling you. Set the wheels in motion today to guarantee your program.

For the second year in a row, Motivate 4 Success is offering its special Recovery Holiday program. For as little as $75.00, you can ensure you have the strength of a true sober community behind you. Give yourself or someone you love the gift of Support during these times. It is even easier this year with automated payment using paypal. Sign up at and schedule your coach today.

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