Danville Signal Announces Its New dspFlash™ SHARC & Blackfin Programmer

Danville Signal’s dspFlash™ SHARC & Blackfin Programmer is a production programmer that supports Blackfins and third generation SHARC DSPs.

Cannon Falls, MN, November 23, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Danville Signal Processing, a leader in Analog Devices based DSP boards and systems, announces its new dspFlash SHARC & Blackfin Programmer, the first production device aimed at on-board flash programming of Analog Devices DSPs. Previously, the alternative was to either preprogram the flash or use a full Analog Devices development system.

“Essentially, anyone currently programming Flash memory using an Analog Devices ICE and Visual DSP++ system can benefit from using our dspFlash Programmer,” said Danville Signal’s Tools Product Manager Justin Johnson. “Unlike the ADI tool set, our programmer is truly designed for production-based programming needs. It’s 9 times faster for 1/9th the cost.”

The key to on-board programming is to let the DSP program its own flash. The dspFlash connects to the target DSP via JTAG. When connected to a powered target, the programmer automatically configures its I/O interface to the correct voltage. It then downloads a fully integrated driver program and the data to be written to the flash. The dspFlash Programmer supports a wide range of both serial and parallel flashes for most Blackfin and SHARC processors. The programmer supports all ADI loader file formats and operates in conjunction with a stand-alone Windows program running on Windows 2000, XP or Vista.

The Windows program can control multiple dspFlash Programmers simultaneously. This allows several production boards to be programmed at the same time by one operator. The deluxe version of the dspFlash also has the ability to execute a user program before or after the on-board flash is programmed. For example, the user might run a program that tests the target board for proper functionality. Alternatively, a program that configures Analog Devices’ Lockbox™ Secure Technology on the latest Blackfin processors can be executed.

For additional information on the dspFlash Programmer visit www.danvillesignal.com. This product is available for purchase through the Danville Signal E-Store at http://www.danvillesignal.com/e-store.html.

Pricing & Availability
The dspFlash Programmer is shipping now. The standard version is $500 and the deluxe version is $750.

About Danville Signal
Danville Signal Processing, Inc. develops and manufactures products based on Analog Devices DSPs for the audio, military, communications, and instrumentation markets, leveraging our expertise in DSP technology to provide state-of-the-art solutions world-wide.


Barbara Holt
Marketing Communications Specialist
Danville Signal Processing, Inc.
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