Website Marketing Group Releases List of Website Do’s and Don’ts

List Details What Features in a Web Design Are Vital, Desirable and Trivial.

Los Angeles, CA, November 23, 2008 --(, ( a web site marketing firm specializing in working with medium sized businesses, has released a list of what features and functionality in web site design are vital, desirable and trivial.

The list includes:

Flash animations: Desirable, but don’t build the whole site in Flash as search engines cannot properly list it
Links to the Site: Vital, the more the better
Identity Capture Features: Vital. This refers to offerings on the site that entice people to give you their name and contact info, including free reports and other free offers
Search Engine Optimization: Vital but not as vital as link building
Video and Audio: Desirable. With audio clips give the viewer an option to turn it off.
Music: Desirable, but definitely include option for viewer to turn it off.
Photos: Lots of photos are vital
Content Management System: Undesirable, as most systems are complicated to learn and severely limit design options. Much better to simply have someone at the site learn simple Dreamweaver functions they would need to make simple changes.
Guest Book: Trivial
Frames: Undesirable as they block search engines from listing the site.
Buy Buttons: Vital to put these on every page of the site if you are selling something online.
Graphics and Style: Vital to match the general style of the industry you are in.
Navigation: Vital to have at least a home button, about us, services or products, contact us, and a gallery if what you do is visual.
Web Statistics: Vital to have this so you can track how much traffic you’re getting and from where.
Well Written Sales Text: Vital, probably the most vital thing about a site.

John Eberhard stated “I have seen that there are many misconceptions out there about web design. Many people think the site has to have the latest bells and whistles, which it does not. Well written sales text and a logical navigation structure are much more important. I am getting a number of my clients asking me about content management systems. I do not recommend these as they are hard to learn and severely limit what you can put on the site and what it will look like. Much better for someone at the company to learn simple Dreamweaver functions so they can make the regular changes they need to make.”

John Eberhard has been involved in marketing for a wide variety of businesses for 20 years, and is the author of a brand new eBook entitled “The Internet Marketing Super Book.” was founded in 1999 in the Los Angeles area, and has clients all over the U.S. More information on the their web site design services can be found at

John Eberhard