Multi-Racial Spoken Word Artist Katana Releases Debut Album

Katana, a multi-racial spoken word artist, today announced the release of her debut album Kaotica on Itunes. Kaotica covers various topics such as racism, sexism, and domestic violence.

Honolulu, HI, November 23, 2008 --( Katana, a multi-racial spoken word artist who has written and performed many thought provoking poems, today announced the release of her debut album, Kaotica. Songs and poems on Kaotica cover various controversial topics such as sexism, racism, and domestic violence.

Katana, a veteran of the spoken word scene, was a ghost-writer and back-up dancer for other mainstream artists has decided to strike out on her own by creating, producing, and writing her own album which is now available on ITunes. Katana’s album Kaotica is raw and revolutionary – it could be used as an inspiration for other performers.

"This album was a risk I had to take. As opposed to writing an album, I tried to verbalize everything that was happening in my life. Listeners of this album will not only hear honest poetry set to memorable tones, they will also hear my soul and passion," said Katana of her album Kaotica.

Availability and Pricing

Katana’s full album Kaotica is available on Itunes for $9.99 and individual songs sell for $ 00.99. Persons who would like to review full-length song demos from Kaotica can visit her webpage.

About Katana

Katana is a multi-racial spoken word artist who has opened for other acts such as Damian Marley, Mario Africa, Yellow Rage and Public Enemy. Her complex yet simple verses speak to women and men of all cultures. Listeners of Katana's music will first notice the blunt truthful lyrics and melodic undertones, but if they listen closer will hear the soul of woman whose passion and ambition cannot be refused.

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