Finally; Children’s Book Author Chen-Chen-Chen Low Writes as Her Star Goddess Within

Sydney, Australia, November 25, 2008 --( With Christmas just 32 sleeps away, it is timely and almost uncanny that children’s book author Chen-Chen-Chen Low has published her first book Lizzie May The Immortal, Book 1- A Star on Earth in the spirit of Christmas sales and decorations, Santa Claus and of course, the never to be forgotten star icon.

The most beloved star icon is making a real life appearance this Christmas 2008 through Lizzie May The Immortal, a 70 page full colour text and illustrated book. According to the author, the original star goddess in the flesh has descended to spend her holiday here on Earth as a human.

Chen-Chen-Chen Low, published children’s book author of Lizzie May The Immortal, Book 1- A Star on Earth on[1] is also Soochen Low[2], CEO and Wardrobe Intelligence Expert of Margaret’s Place. She decided to take a sabbatical from her business in October this year and took on her pen name Chen-Chen-Chen Low. With the first book published, Chen-Chen-Chen Low is busy working on the rest of the series that charts the Star Goddess’s adventures here on Earth as a human.

Lizzie May The Immortal is a truly unique story about a star Goddess who has come down to Earth for a holiday as a human. This phenomenal book is the first of a long running series where a star comes to live, love, grow and learn as a human, and finally how to thrive as a human and star combined. Written in a simple yet mature way, the story is sure to entertain and intrigue children and adults of all ages. The book comes with 5 full colour plates illustrated by Chen-Chen-Chen Low showcasing what the star Goddess looks like along with her extended immortal family members.

No matter how many other stories you have read about stars or angels, you will not have read anything that parallels Lizzie May The Immortal. In fact, family and friends who have read it have a sneaking suspicion that the Star Goddess in the book bears a strong resemblance to the author Chen-Chen-Chen herself…

When asked why Lizzie May the Immortal was created, ChenChenChen says,
“I created Lizzie May The Immortal to give power to children’s imaginations that Gods and Goddesses do exist, especially in the form of their most beloved star icon. The story helps children to feel safe and protected, knowing that there really are guardian angels, stars, Gods and Goddesses on Earth. It encourages them to continue to hope and dream of positive and wonderful things to happen in their lives.”

And she continues to add,
“… what makes Lizzie May different is that she is a Goddess who loves the human experience so much that she is more than willing to give her Goddess powers away to be one of us humans. By sharing Lizzie May’s adventures, children and adults will come to appreciate the many wonders of their own lives much more and that life is really one Big positive holiday.”


[1] For a preview of the book, do a search for ‘Lizzie May The Immortal’ on

[2] For more media info and interviews contact Soochen Low on:, 0298260661 or 0415460934
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