New Novel "The Shadow of Rhiannon" Written by Sara Pope

A new Novel of an Apocalyptic Clash Between Vampires and Humanity.

Nampa, ID, November 25, 2008 --( Description:
An apocalyptic vision of a collision between vampirism and humanity. If you like vampire novels, this is for you.. Rhiannon is a female serial killer that preys upon the men she attracts. After meeting a vampire, she is transformed. She was insane before her transformation, but with her new abilities, her bloodlust grows. The media coverage of her capture, escape and rampage alerts the people of America to the reality of Vampires. Anyone resembling a vampire is caught and tortured, and eventually killed. Every moment is captured by the media and the United States enters a new dark age. In retaliation, Vampires form armies that attack cities, demented individuals offer themselves to the vampire hordes. The dead must be burned immediately or the flaming corpses get up and attack in the initial bloodlust that possesses the newly reborn. Chaos reigns in the land that millions call home, now in The Shadow of Rhiannon.

The Shadow of Rhiannon- By Sara Pope

Sara Pope - Author
Sara Pope