My Stone Company Introduces Meaningful Friendship Stone Jewelry Line

Just in time for the holidays new Friendship Stone Necklaces keep friends close to the heart. Suitable for either ‘him or her.’

New York, NY, November 26, 2008 --( My Stone Company, the creators of The Friendship Stone, today announced the introduction of a new jewelry line. The Friendship Stone Necklace, the first in the range, displays the Company’s flagship ‘The Friendship Stone’ product, named by The Gift Therapist as one of the top 20 gifts of 2008. Suspended on a choice of 14 carat gold filled chains or fine leather strands, the Friendship Stone Necklaces are suitable to both male and female. In addition, each Friendship Stone Necklace is unique, with no two necklaces replicated.

The Friendship Stone Necklaces with natural, variegated Tiger’s Eye semi-precious gemstones, originate from the heart of the African earth. They are not artificially edged, shaped, colored or processed. They display honey-brown and blue colors, reflecting Mother Earth’s physical beauty. When worn, the stone takes on several appearances which change according to the light, making this necklace a distinctive accessory which can blend in to various outfits.

“The Friendship Stone Necklace is the ideal give-back gift that ensures that the bond of love and friendship is literally ‘close to the heart’,” said Cathy Raff, Founder of My Stone Company. “In the current era of insecurity, the Friendship Stone Necklace brings the recipient back to the basics. It reminds them of the true beauty in life – the people that are in it. Just like each relationship, every Friendship Stone Necklace is unique and irreplaceable.”

The Friendship Stone is a symbol of friendship, support, love and appreciation for the recipient. Meant to be shared amongst friends and loved ones, The Friendship Stone is a keepsake and tangible reminder that the person who gave it to them is always there for them, regardless of where that person is.

The Friendship Stone was created as a meaningful give-back gift of love, appreciation and gratitude. The Tiger’s Eye was chosen as The Friendship Stone for its Chatoyant colors which offer an important message for how each person chooses to view life. The stone’s appearance dramatically changes with different rays of light, just like each person has the ability to alter his or her own direction in life and make better choices. Furthermore, the structure of the stone is as beautiful, distinctive and irreplaceable as each individual reminding each person of his or her own inner-beauty.

With each purchase of The Friendship Stone and the Friendship Stone Necklaces, 10% of all profits are donated to help tangibly improve the quality of life for the villagers in Western South Africa from where the stones originate.

About My Stone Company

My Stone Company, the creators of The Friendship Stone was established in 2006 by Cathy Raff after a visit to South Africa where she discovered the Tiger’s Eye semi-precious gemstone. The remarkable beauty of the stone and the ability to change with the rays of light became an inspiration and metaphor for how one chooses to look at life and what happens to each individual. What started with giving a few stones to a couple of her friends soon grew into The Friendship Stone. With each purchase of The Friendship Stones, the buyer is also tangibly helping the rural community in South Africa from where the stone originates. 10% of all profits are sent back to these underprivileged people. For more information, visit:

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