SimpleLeap Software Releases Recipe and Grocery List Manager Appetite, for the BlackBerry

Atlanta, GA, November 26, 2008 --( SimpleLeap Software, LLC today announced the release of their new recipe and grocery list manager tool Appetite for BlackBerry mobile devices. Appetite is a meal planning manager that helps the user quickly maintain all of their family recipes and shopping lists on-the-go, using their phone. Appetite has both the full functionality and features of any cookbook or grocery list tool, but together. Appetite users can get new recipes on their way home from work, get all the items need to prepare a new meal, and keep the recipe in one, safe place for later reference. Appetite has also given household cooks the power to organize maintain multiple grocery lists by store, send their grocery lists to friends and family, create their recipes and/or grocery lists on their phone or online, and download new recipes from their friends, family, and even some of their favorite chefs and cooking magazines, websites, and blogs.

Appetite’s recipe manager layout resembles one of a traditional cookbook with lots of smart features tossed in. Not only can you add or view a recipe’s photo, entire ingredient list, and step-by-step cooking instructions, but Appetite makes it simple to get a recipe’s total cost, a rating from other users, and the ability to automatically receive shared recipes from friends and family. “Appetite’s recipe manager is exactly what you would want out of your standard cookbook.” says Ashli Norton, Co-Founder of SimpleLeap Software, ” The power to browse recipes in categorized lists on the go, set your own recipe settings, and only cook recipes that you know will be awesome, based on user ratings, makes the recipe manager an incredibly invaluable stand-alone tool, but it’s pairing with a grocery list is simply ingenious.”

One-touch grocery item checkoff, grocery list creation from a recipe, and a shopping list calculator are just some of the features that put Appetite’s grocery list manager in a league of it’s own. But Appetite’s load of pre-installed grocery items, separate grocery list per store, and item organization by aisle, keep your grocery trips quick and streamlined. “Making something that was smart and simple enough for the everyday user was our inspiration when developing Appetite, ” says Patrick Chukwura, CEO/Co-Founder of SimpleLeap Software, “It wasn’t enough for us to pack tons of features into Appetite, our vision was something that we ourselves would like to use during our rush through the grocery store aisles. The last thing we felt the user needed was something that would take up anymore time than the ‘infamous’ handwritten shopping list or even something that forced us to alter our existing shopping habits. Appetite was made to be one of those tools that fit your lifestyle, and we believe it is just that.”

Device & System Requirements

Appetite requires a handheld device running BlackBerry OS 4.2 or later. Appetite can be downloaded over-the-air (OTA) directly to your phone at . Users must use BlackBerry Desktop software when not performing an over-the-air (OTA) installation and download Appetite from . A data plan is recommended but not required. Functions such as recipe sharing and downloading will not function properly without a data plan.

Pricing & Availability

SimpleLeap Software’s new Appetite Version 1.0 for the Blackberry is available to the public on Thursday, November 23, 2008 for a free ten (10) day trial, during which the full functionality of the application is available. Appetite is also available to purchase for only $9.99 (US) through the SimpleLeap Software website ( and other online stores. Appetite will soon be available to iPhone users, check back for release updates on the SimpleLeap website at

About SimpleLeap Software

Atlanta, Georgia based SimpleLeap Software develops business, education, and consumer mobile applications for smartphone devices such as the BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPod Touch. SimpleLeap Software has received various accolades from notable tech and enthusiast websites and SimpleLeap’s first software title Cram has received recognition as “Best Back-To-School Tool” and “Best BlackBerry Education Software” . SimpleLeap has numerous mobile device titles and plans to release more innovations in the near future.

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