San Diego Jewelry Buyers Publishes Tips for Buying Used Rolexes

San Diego Jewelry Buyers has announced the publication of a guide for buying a used Rolex and how to identify an authentic Rolex on its website.

San Diego, CA, November 26, 2008 --( San has announced the newest addition to its Knowledge Corner, dedicated to helping consumers who are interested in the second-hand jewelry and watch market. SDJB’s new article is a feature which provides tips for shoppers thinking about buying a used Rolex. “When it comes to fake watches, Rolex is the unfortunate victim of more copying than any other elite watch brand in the world,” says SDJB spokesman Alan Blyler.

“And we are not just talking about guys in long coats selling Rolexes on the streets of New York or Los Angeles,” adds Blyler. “There are hundreds of thousands of fake Rolexes in circulation around the world, which continually find their way into used watch stores and online retail outlets.” To help protect customers from being on the unfortunate receiving end of a fake Rolex, SDJB lists 13 tips covering gold, platinum, and stainless steel Rolexes.

These Rolex tips include facts regarding specific products such as the Oyster Perpetual and the Rolex President. With regards to the Oyster Perpetual, SDJB notes that less than 10% of these Rolex watches are made with a quartz movement, so customers need to be especially careful when assessing the authenticity of a quartz movement Rolex. One way to do this is to look for any use of rubber at all on the watch. Rolex has never used rubber on any part of its watches, regardless of its make and model. Another sign that a Rolex is a fake is if the case is made from glass, or if the back pops out, rather than needing to be unscrewed.

To read the full list of tips for buying a pre-owned Rolex, please visit the Knowledge section of SDJB’s website at

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Carl Blackburn